The Seven Deadly Sins # 135 Review – Meliodas lays down the truth!!

This chapter was really great in terms of NNT standards.  If I were going to rate the chapter it would be a 8/10.  Let’s look at the positives!

-Meliodas shows why he’s the strongest character again.

– It’s the first counter strike against the enemy, an unstoppable enemy that the sins couldn’t take care of at first.

– We learn that Meliodas can control his rage, so we don’t have to worry about Meliodas destroying everything in his path in rage.

– The 10 second fight was epic to the point it made you read in disbelief at how powerful Meliodas can be.

However, there is a reason this chapter is a 10/10

  • An enemy being taken out in 8 seconds, especially an enemy that craps all over the previous enemy is lame. It makes everything just……the tension was lost through the cracks the scene left open.
  • Completely underwhelmed by anything Galan does now, even if he fight’s one of the other sins, it’s only leave a taste of dissatisfaction in your mouth knowing, yeah this character took him out after an awesome fight. However Meliodas took him out in 10 seconds.

All in all I like the chapter a lot, and I can’t wait to see what else is going to happen in the next chapter which my prediction is:

The characters learn what Meliodas did, and it makes king feel a bit uneasy on the situation, and decides to train harder so he can put Meliodas down if needed, because he still doesn’t trust him. Meanwhile the demons talk about the past war, and they come up with a counterattack to Meliodas power. Then towards the end of the chapter we get a shift to Ban.

That’s all guys, my first blog review, please comment, like, and subscribe.

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