Kingdom Chapter # 441- Jon Snow knows little on Chu affairs.

Kingdom 441 image.

This chapter was very politic heavy chapter which is one of my favorite things about Kingdom, is that the politics hype you up for the wars that are about to happen. This is quite the change of pace because we usually just follow Qins, or Zhao, but this time we are looking at Chu’s political problems, and Jon Snow knows how to fix it.

As you know Chu is the largest strip of land in the seven kingdoms, and has the largest army in the series, however Chu just lost their king, and they lost their prime minister. So Jon Snow here is trying to convince Karin that it is needed for her to become the new prime minister, or else Chu’s new military might will be considered “mediocre”. I rate this chapter a 7/10, a rating of a good.


+ The new dude looks like Jon Snow

+ Ogliko appearing is amazing, because it means Kanki will be involved in this arc.

+With Kanki being in this arc you know someone will be Kankied.

+Nice to see Shin, and Kyoukai training with one another.

+ It’s nice to know about the political background of a new territory.

+Qin vs. Zhao is very appealing.


  • I honestly wanted to see Karin accept the position because I want to see her reasoning behind it, and we didn’t get to see why.
  • While Zhao vs. Qin is always interesting, We already had a war with them while Chu we never had a war with (Not counting the Coalition arc because that was war with all of them)
  • I really wanted more information of the recently passed king’s brother, and see how he treats his people, the message we got was pretty grimacing.

As of now I really did enjoy the chapter, and this arc is starting to shape up to be amazing,  I’m starting to see a trend where the nations are putting their military generals in Prime Minister positions to show the world that they will use force if diplomatic situations don’t straighten out. This is the warring state period.

Preview for the next chapter- Probably Riboku’s thoughts on the whole situation, and we get to see the military leader that’s leading the Zhao army (Probably that one of the 3, but an upstart) I also think we will see what Kanki’s message was. Hopefully soon I want to see a conversation with Kanki, and Shin. Something we haven’t seen before.

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