NFL article one- A punch that intercepted a career!

Worst Geno Smith

Geno Smith is now out of the NFL for 6-10 weeks because his fellow teammate Ik Enemkpali   threw an accurate punch that landed Geno’s Jaw in the red zone.  Although fighting is not as hilarious as I make it sound, the reason behind it is hilarious. Apparently the two were fighting over $600 debt that Geno owed the guy.

The hilarious after thought was because to us $ 600 is probably a lot of money for normal people like us, hell for me that’s rent, that is a whole semesters scholarship, that’s money for a round trip, or a week hotel cost. However for Geno that’s less than 1% of the amount of money that Geno makes after his rookie contract, and about 1% of the money that Geno makes per season.  So in the long run hall of things, why does Geno Smith even care about $600 dollars, or why would he have to borrow that amount of money in the first place? Seems to be more of the low cost to throw your career over.

His career isn’t going to be over you say? Let’s look at his statistics for the past two years:

25 touchdowns

31 Interceptions

5,571 yards

Highest QB rating of a 71.5 %

This guy isn’t even cutting NFL QB rating, or even throwing more TD’s than interceptions, added to the fact they just got a new coach, who has something to prove.  People will tell me that the Jet’s don’t have any QB’s that are better to replace him, but Ryan Fitzgerald has already proved that he’s had good seasons, and there is an unknown quality to their QB Bryce Petty, so it brings to the questions, was risking ones already unsolid, and unfounded career over $600 dollars really worth it? I can feel Bryce’s area in New Jersey, is coming soon.

Not to mention Geno Smith, was voted to be the worst QB for the 2014 season. Hope your Jaw heals buddy.

Comment, like, share, and repost and tell me what you think will happen to Geno’s career!


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