Nanantsu no Taizai #136- Elizabeth has no chill.

After a week of no chapter it’s refreshing to see the aftermath of Meliodas “hello” to his demon brothers. Really predictable, and much needed chapter, and I freaking loved the after math of Galan’s beat down. I love with the beat breaks an opponent mentally. Makes me wonder if Galan, get’s his power at full return if he can really muster up even, 25% of Meliodas current power.  My favorite thing about Meliodas’s personality is that he acts like he has no care in the world for anything. It really makes the humor in his character great. Overall, I rate this chapter 7/10.


+Seeing Galan breakdown over his ass-kicking was great. Really like to see what happens to his character, and if he’s going to do anything amazing again. It’s hard to believe that he gave everyone a run for their money earlier.

+ Elizabeth has absolutely zero chill. LMAO

+ Seeing the 10 Commandments together, and finally forming pairs is great. Will really like to see the match ups here, and finally we can learn more about them, because I still don’t even know their names.

+ Really curious about the blonde hair looking dude that Meliodas brother was talking to I wonder if his powers are all about destruction. Just more amplified than the other demons. I’m thinking he’s going to be the strongest.

+ The training party flipping out on Meliodas was great, I can tell already that they’re not ready to take on the Commandments. Or at least confident that they can.

+ Awesome to revisit old places we visited in the past, like to see the places and people after the Sins affected their area. Byzael rock looks awesome, glad none of them lost their fighting spirit.

+ The thing on Arthur’s head.


  • Really needed to be a chapter dedicated to the demons, so we can learn more about them. It has been about 20 chapters but we barely know anything about them.
  • I was upset that the dog didn’t eat the pig.
  • I wanted to see the training and the character interactions with it. Was really upset we didn’t see everyone’s.

Really good chapter overall, and a nice chapter to comeback too after the break.  Really digging the plot and layout of the future events of this manga, however I don’t know who this dragon thing is, or care about it, I wonder where hawk went. ( 😉 )

Anyways my prediction for next chapter is that the pairs of two that trained together go after the pairs of two demons that’s sin match up with them in some sort of way. I’m also hoping for a Ban update soon, also a search party will be out for Escanor soon I’m guessing.

Tell me what you think, please like, comment, and subscribe. Have a nice day. 🙂NNT #136 picture


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