One Piece # 797- Even Rebecca wants to get out of Dressrosa

One Piece 797

What can I say about this chapter more than I probably would have cared about it more, if I actually cared, and liked Rebecca. To me honestly she’s an awful combination of Vivi, and Shirahoshi. Which really in retrospect there is no good combination of those too. Just a princess that cries too much, and really hasn’t done anything that really makes me care for her. Sure her flashback earlier in the arc was amazing, and Kyros’s flashback was phenomenal but at the end of the day it doesn’t seem Rebecca has grown that much from the flashback, and it even she didn’t grow much at all throughout the arc, and just continues to not do anything. Now honestly I’m not expecting Rebecca to be some sort of powerhouse, and I’m not expecting her to be a fighter, but I’m expecting her to have a resolve to better herself, just like the rest of the Riku family has. It makes me wonder is she going to want to live in her father’s shadow forever? I give this chapter a 5/10. It wasn’t bad, but I feel like it could have been several times better.  Doesn’t help that I want to get off of Dressrosa already.


+ Loved Abdullah and Jeet and their take over of the marines. Really great, one of the two characters I really liked.

+ Zoro’s sense of direction is always on point.

+ Even though I don’t like Rebecca, I really do like the fact that Luffy cares so much. Perfectly really well done for Luffy’s character.

+ The mystery in those marines being knocked down added some awesomeness, but I’m almost positive it was the Dwarfs. Really want to see where Law went, hopefully to talk to Sengoku.

+ Fujitora and Luffy are about to meet. Not expecting a fight because Luffy would get manhandled buy expecting an interesting chat.


  • Really don’t care for Rebecca.
  • I don’t think we really needed to waste two chapters on Kyros and Rebecca. I think this could have been fitted into one chapter. With One Piece’s pace this would have been a blessing.
  • Really wanted to see Sengarpku and Tsuru again. I enjoyed their presence so much last chapter them not being in this one was upsetting.
  • We are just wasting time of Dressrosa on this point.
  • When Fujitora tries to stop them, it’s just going to be a meteor. Mediocre

Overall it was an average at best chapter. Usually I try to find the positives in my reviews, and even though it wasn’t badly written the character of Rebecca was, so I can’t find myself to enjoy it.  Next week I predict the send off of the SH’s, and Fujitora bringing down a meteor. Maybe Law and Sengoku interaction related to Corazon.

What do you think about the chapter. Like, Comment, and Subscribe, and have a wonderful day.


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