Dragon Ball Super # 3- DON’T TOUCH MY PANTIES!!!

Dragon Ball Super 03

Basically Vegeta you can beat his kid, you can destroy his entire race, and beat his dad, but never, never punch his panties…I mean Bulma. This chapter of Dragon Ball Super #3 was ok, I’m not really a big fan of just retelling the BoG, and RoF story, but if it clears a couple of plot holes those two movies had I’m all for it. Also Vegeta action is always a welcome for any Dragon Ball fan.  However at the end of the day it is already something we have already seen, so it didn’t really catch my eye. However Champa, and female Whiss did. I love the fact that we are travelling through different universes, and exploring other Gods, and Kais. Really makes me think of old school Dragon Ball, you know where everything wasn’t one hundred % serious, and characters were relevant even if they weren’t powerful. This chapter gets an 8/10 for me.

Positives +

+ Beerus’s face when Vegeta ki blast him to the sky. LMFAO

+ Nice to see they’re trying to mix humor in with action in this chapter. I really love old school Dragon Ball, so naturally I was a big fan of the Buu saga.  Glad they’re trying to keep that in check.

+ It seems Gohan’s and Buu’s beat down wasn’t as bad as it was in the movie, while I don’t care how bad Buu’s beat down was, Gohan’s less severe beating doesn’t bring up plot holes like it did in the movie.

+ Goku actually seeing the consequences of his actions was nice, something he’s never done in the old series.

+ Namek is mentioned? It’ll be nice to see how they’re doing.

+ Champa is a boss, and his gag of sniffing, and nose puns is quite funny. Wonder how he compares to Beerus in power.

+ Mention of universe 6 is great, brings in great possibilities of different realities that was persuaded too in the cell saga.

+ Really want to see the new Kai.


  • Don’t really want to read basically the same stuff I’ve known about.
  • It seems everyone lost their fighting spirit. What happened to the Z fighters that constantly fought losing battles just because they had to try? It seems everyone gave up on Beerus, granted I knew they didn’t have a chance but why not at least try?

While there was only two negatives in this chapter, it really was a great chapter. I’m more, and more excited every chapter, and I really want to see how they deal with the Champa situation, and the new super Dragon Balls, and I want to see universe 6. Next chapter I predict SSG Goku, and I also predict Champa interaction on planet Namek.

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