The true meaning of 0-100 real quick.


I love you

More than you’ll ever know

Anxiety, Anger, Depression, fear, sadness

Goes away when you kiss me.

However I can’t truly never get over my depression with you.

Because I know I’m never the first choice.

You settled for space, when you could have landed on the moon.

The Poland, when you could have invaded Russia.

Me when you could have had him.

Some people will tell me it’s the depression that is talking

However truth be told, he’s always right in ways we can never picture.

This is the true meaning to 0-100 real quick

When you can be on cloud 9 to hell in a few quick steps.

When you can conquer and fail in the same amount of time someone says I love you.

Dreams where you cheat, and I except it because I don’t know what is around the corner.

My Canterbury tale for Chauncer

My Grendel to my Beowulf

The Lancelot to the perfect Arthur.

So this is my story

I can never truly get over

The pain I have when I’m with you.


Nanantsu no Taizai # 139- Ban is quickly becoming the king of everything!

Nanantsu no Taizai #139

Hey welcome back Nanantsu no Taizai fans, I’m back after missing the last two chapters, but I’m back, and incredibly happy because the chapter I came back to happens to be about my favorite character BAAN! I mean, Ban. (many of you get the reference.) While I like the other characters in the series, the character that brought me into the series is Ban, and his Gaiden basically sold me on the series. So a chapter about him is always positive for me. I will rate this chapter an 8/10!

Positives +

+ Ban and Jericho character relationship is always nice to see, let’s only hope Jericho isn’t an reincarnation of Liz.

+ The new introduction to the Beastman species is really incredibly, also in the same chapter it explains how they were never a powerhouse in the clans vs. demon war. Really starting to think that’s going to turn around soon.

+ Were Fox has a cool design, and it’s different than the normal wolf design we get in most cultures.

+ Ban’s flashback as a kidd is going to be quite an amazing one, can’t wait to see what brought him to the Fairy King’s forest, and what led him to believe in the fountain of youth.

+ Zhivgo sounds familiar, but I can’t really quite remember where I heard that name before. Comment, below and tell me where I might have heard that name before.

+ Really want to see the Were fox’s connection to the reviving of the dead. I really think he’s lying about not having information.

+ Seeing the fairies take to the King is great, while it was hilarious to think of Ban as king, it would have gotten annoying really fast.

+ Ban threatening that fairy was great, really love this side of Ban, because we all know he’s basically a walking Teddy Bear.


  • I really wanted to see the aftermath of the Dreyfus situation, but all in all I liked more Ban than anything else.
  • Really want more Ban action! It’s just been so long. 😥

All in all good chapter, I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do to power up Ban, so he can tangle with the 10 commandments, and I wonder if Jericho is always going to go along with Ban, or eventually on this journey will she find something that makes her happy. I predict next chapter we are going to get more detail on Ban’s flashback, and honestly I don’t see much going past that. Zhivigo will probably teach Ban, about how to be a faster, and quicker thief.

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One Piece Chapter # 799: Luffy counts to 5 and his alliance goes to time out! (But still not on par with Admirals)

One Piece 799

Welcome back to my blog post guys, sorry it took me a while to do the blogs, but I’ve been busy, and now I’m back to do One Piece Chapter # 799. This chapter was a huge improvement from the past couple chapters that I have been popping out for the past couple weeks. I know many people are on this Luffy is Admiral level craze, and before I go too far into the review let me just say this. Calm down, Luffy is still far from Admiral. If he was on par with them, he would probably not get blown away like he did, like Sabo did. Anyway, (Gets the shields ready for Luffy fanboys)

This chapter I give it a 8/10

Positives +

+ Luffy vs. Fujitora was good for the amount of panels that it did was amazing, and Fujitora basically oblierated a rock that was covering most of Dressrosa. Good feats all around, and Fujitora showing why he deserves the name of admiral.

+ The Maria looks beautiful, might be on par with the Thousand Sunny as my favorite ship.

+ Really like the fact Elbaf was mentioned, and Usopp still has a dream of going there. Was really worried that maybe that might not be an island we would focus on.

+ Really like that Ideo stands out among the others as a high tier alliance leader, I don’t like Blue Gilly, or Suilimon  as much, and Ideo has an amazing fighting style, and design.

+ First Division Commander Cavendish? First Division Commander Cavendish.

+ Fujitora’s face when he was laughing at Luffy was priceless.

+ The Tontanta tribe, allied with the Giant clan? Yes! ❤

+ Luffy is Luffy through, and through.


  • We didn’t see the aftermath of Fujitora’s floating Island.
  • Law really isn’t getting the respect that he deserves.

I liked this chapter so much, that I I’m excited for a One Piece chapter for the first time in ages. I predict that next week, that Luffy will turn down the alliance. Thus much rage will be had in the forum community everywhere I go. Please comment, scribe, and like and tell me what you think. Also I have to apology that my blogs aren’t on top notch, and the writing this time seems a little sloppy. Will be better with the upcoming reviews!