Nanantsu no Taizai # 139- Ban is quickly becoming the king of everything!

Nanantsu no Taizai #139

Hey welcome back Nanantsu no Taizai fans, I’m back after missing the last two chapters, but I’m back, and incredibly happy because the chapter I came back to happens to be about my favorite character BAAN! I mean, Ban. (many of you get the reference.) While I like the other characters in the series, the character that brought me into the series is Ban, and his Gaiden basically sold me on the series. So a chapter about him is always positive for me. I will rate this chapter an 8/10!

Positives +

+ Ban and Jericho character relationship is always nice to see, let’s only hope Jericho isn’t an reincarnation of Liz.

+ The new introduction to the Beastman species is really incredibly, also in the same chapter it explains how they were never a powerhouse in the clans vs. demon war. Really starting to think that’s going to turn around soon.

+ Were Fox has a cool design, and it’s different than the normal wolf design we get in most cultures.

+ Ban’s flashback as a kidd is going to be quite an amazing one, can’t wait to see what brought him to the Fairy King’s forest, and what led him to believe in the fountain of youth.

+ Zhivgo sounds familiar, but I can’t really quite remember where I heard that name before. Comment, below and tell me where I might have heard that name before.

+ Really want to see the Were fox’s connection to the reviving of the dead. I really think he’s lying about not having information.

+ Seeing the fairies take to the King is great, while it was hilarious to think of Ban as king, it would have gotten annoying really fast.

+ Ban threatening that fairy was great, really love this side of Ban, because we all know he’s basically a walking Teddy Bear.


  • I really wanted to see the aftermath of the Dreyfus situation, but all in all I liked more Ban than anything else.
  • Really want more Ban action! It’s just been so long. 😥

All in all good chapter, I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do to power up Ban, so he can tangle with the 10 commandments, and I wonder if Jericho is always going to go along with Ban, or eventually on this journey will she find something that makes her happy. I predict next chapter we are going to get more detail on Ban’s flashback, and honestly I don’t see much going past that. Zhivigo will probably teach Ban, about how to be a faster, and quicker thief.

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