The true meaning of 0-100 real quick.


I love you

More than you’ll ever know

Anxiety, Anger, Depression, fear, sadness

Goes away when you kiss me.

However I can’t truly never get over my depression with you.

Because I know I’m never the first choice.

You settled for space, when you could have landed on the moon.

The Poland, when you could have invaded Russia.

Me when you could have had him.

Some people will tell me it’s the depression that is talking

However truth be told, he’s always right in ways we can never picture.

This is the true meaning to 0-100 real quick

When you can be on cloud 9 to hell in a few quick steps.

When you can conquer and fail in the same amount of time someone says I love you.

Dreams where you cheat, and I except it because I don’t know what is around the corner.

My Canterbury tale for Chauncer

My Grendel to my Beowulf

The Lancelot to the perfect Arthur.

So this is my story

I can never truly get over

The pain I have when I’m with you.


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