One Piece 2015 Review : Best and Worst

Gear 4 Luffy

Hello welcome back, and I hope everyone had some wonderful moments for the holidays. I’m back to doing blogging, and this time readers for the time being I will be doing two blogs every single day, and they will not always be about manga, but about things around the world, and things about my personal life. However, I will never leave the manga review world, and I want to kick off 2016 with a review of everything One Piece. From chapter 771-810. I hope guys enjoy the review!

Best Chapter:  One Piece 795: Suicide

This was by far the best chapter of the year for many reasons. One we saw Urouge, and well as we all know Urouge is the best character…jokes aside we all know why this was the best chapter of the year.  Kaidou’s reveal was something fans of have been dreaming about since his name appearance in Thriller Bark back in 2008. We wanted to see what he looked liked, and what type of personality he had. We also saw a little bit of Sanji, and after two and a half years without seeing him, it was fun to see and the swirly hats due their thing. Normally you wouldn’t think suicide would be a fun thing for a powerful opponent like Kaidou, but the way it was introduced it was a lot of fun for discussion, and it added to several layers of hype that Kaidou could not harm himself. Leading to many speculation of his powers and abilities. Kaidou’s entrance and domineering stature towards the Kidd alliance was a classic scene that will stand a test of time for several years to come.

Best Overall Character: Trafalgar Law

I know fans all over the globe, will hate me for this, and will tell me that I’m a fanboy. However Law has been dominating the character game for the past couple of years now. So much so that the fanbase is growing frustrated because they think it’s turning into a Trafalgar Law show. However, I have to saw Law has done so much for this manga, development wise, and plot wise that it’s hard not to see his affect on this manga. His closure with Doflamingo.  How hard he tries even with cut off limbs, and his acceptance that he’s not ready for Doflamingo yet. He seems pretty distant after the battle of Dressrosa, but I predict it’s all going to come into play for Law very soon.

Law cuts Trebol.png
Best Male Character: Kyros

Again I can hear the pitchforks coming for me a mile away. However Kyros gets lots of slack for being mostly tied to Rebecca, and I don’t think it’s fair to critically judge him for the things his daughter does. Kyros has one of the best flashbacks in the series, and even though the fight vs. Diamente was lame, it was still memorable because all the build up and flashback gave the fight, and the Kyros conclusion a satisfying afterthought, and I can’t help but think that if Kyros had a better daughter, he would have a better fanbase.

Kyros vs Diamante
Best Female Character:  Nico Robin

It’s easy to pick Robin as the best female character of the year, because most females didn’t do much this year. A little fault that One Piece has in its story telling, but honestly Robin did really well this year. She caught one of the fastest pirates that we’ve seen in the series. (Hakuba), she then protected Rebecca from the iron spikes. She was funny during the Ryuunoksue scene, and she’s observant in the beginning of the Zou arc. Not all that impressive however it’s pretty impressive for Robin who like most females don’t do much in the arcs.

Nico Robin catches Hakuba
Best Strawhat Performance: Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy didn’t do much for the 2014 year, always being blindsided, and taking a side scroll to the main plot. However he bounced back to doing what Luffy does best, and that’s kicking the bad guys ass. Luffy’s Gear 4 moment was one of the best moments. It was funny and creative, just like how Luffy is, but incredible powerful, and a force to be reckon with like we love Luffy being. Also his funny antics on Zou are priceless, and it reminds us all why he’s one of our favorite characters of all time.

Luffy vs Doflamingo
Best Villain: Doflamingo

Yeah Jack had a good run their towards the end of the year, but Doflamingo signed off the year with an amazing speech about the game of thrones basically between all the characters in the series, and Doflamingo always gives the best speeches. Along with his powerful abilities, the tension he brought. The past he has, and the final crusade after the first initial fight with Gear 4 Luffy, Doflamingo has proven to have been a highlight of the 2015 year.

Doflamingo speech
Funniest Character: Ryuunosuke 

Best character of 2015 really, much hype, beautiful design, can’t be beat. Should have been a Strawhat honestly.

Best Fight:  Trafalgar Law vs  Doflamingo

The pitchforks that just got put down, are now rising back up. I know everyone wants to hype Luffy vs. Doflamingo to be something that really it wasn’t. It had some nice flashy moments, but the honest thing is though it did not have the feel or the emotion that Law or Doflamingo had. Law and Doflamingo had history. They were countering each other moves. You knew Doflamingo was going to win, but you wanted Law to make it out with the W. The parries they had, the choreography the discussions in between. The smart ass comments from Law, the frustration from Doflamingo. This fight would have been one of the best if fleshed out more.

Law vs DoflamingoBest New Character: Inuarashi

Really good character design, and has a good aura around him as a character. Has some hype going on for him, and his opener against Jack was really cool. Can’t wait to see more of him in the future. Also Dogs > Cats.


Most Disappointing Chapter: 797: Rebecca

Just a chapter that didn’t need to happen, and it’s one of those classic Oda chapters where you know all the events in this chapter can be settled in 5 pages. One of  the manga pacing issues that harm this manga some times.

Rebeca 797

Most Disappointing Character: Rebecca

There’s characters that do nothing, and then characters that you hate. Rebecca is just a perfect mixture of both. She didn’t really do anything to add to this arc, and was basically just created for Kyros if anything else. The crying princess troupe will eventually grow tired to Oda eventually.


Most Disappointing Fight: Kyros vs. Diamante 

Yeah we liked the ending, but this fight had many faults. It didn’t live up to the potential that maybe it should have. Diamante was underwhelming as a seat (as were most) Kyros should have show more power. And the choreography was lame, and the attacks used where lame besides Half Glazed Moon, and Thundero Bastard! Kyros and Diamante who had fans before this fight deserved much better, and now turned into characters the fan base wishes to forget about. The things a fighting manga can do to a manga.

Silly Diamente

Most Anticipated Moment of 2016:

Well after everything we’ve been through the thing I’m looking foward to the most is the “Year of Sanji”. While Sanji is my least favorite SH I want to see more of him, because honestly the manga is much better when the story focuses on the SH crew, and even though the other characters are fascinating I think it’s time we spent more time on our mains.  I’m also quite curious to see how Jack gets taken down.


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