Are American Football coaches getting less time to build dynasties?

chip kelly meme

Well we begin to see the off season for about 20 teams in the NFL by starting off Monday by firing four NFL coaches, and many people are debating that for many of these coaches were too good, or didn’t have enough time to create the dynasty that they were asked to create. So I did a little on each team to find out why it was that they were fired.

New York Giants- Tom Coughlin: Tom is a very good couch, he coached for 12 straight seasons as the New York coach, and has won two superbowls, one as being the heavy underdog against the unbeaten Patriots. Why is it that Tom didn’t keep his job? Well when you look at the two superbowls, the Giants were already a very powerful playoff caliber team. Who quite frankly with Eli Manning at the helm, had everything going for him. However there seems to be a mass exodus of talent on both sides of the ball for the New York Giants, and the caused them to have four consecutive years away from the playoffs. Also the last two years of his reign they posted a losing season streak. With about 6 games this season the Giant’s losing games in the last quarter. The Giants want to get back to their winning ways, and Coughlin is just not the fit for it.

Philadelphia Eagles- Chip Kelly: Another coach that many were surprised about but you can’t say you didn’t see it coming. When Chip first came in he took the team to the playoffs, and then the next year had a double digit winning season with a terrible Quarterback in Mark Sanchez. High hopes were put on Philly to have a winning season. Probably even causing Chip to have a rise in power when it came drafting and trading players, even though he wasn’t “GM”. This move cut many famous philly players such as  McCoy. When Chip Kelly brought in Murry, many people thought that the trade was the right move. However it wasn’t. McCoy was by far a better talent for the Eagles, while McCoy never picked up in his new offense.  The players were starting to whisper about how they didn’t like Kelly, and Kelly couldn’t relate to him. It just caused a bad taste in everyone’s mouth at the end of the season. So much so that Chip lost his coaching gig. Yeah it takes more than 3 years to build a dynasty, but the dynasty was at a standstill with the Oregon Duck.

Cleveland Browns- Mike Pettine: The Browns have a bad history of firing coaches too soon. However this one I will play devil’s advocate and say that Mike looked like he had no idea what he was doing throughout the season. Mike didn’t know how to handle the whole Johnny Manziel incident. The browns never got a good look to see if they had a franchise quarterback.  Cleveland’s defense was terrible, and it was supposed to be better which is why Mike was even hired by the Browns being a defense minded coach. Yeah it was too soon to cut Mike, who was just on his second year, but no someone you can trust to build a dynasty. Especially when he looks like a Fish out of water.

San Francisco 49ers- Jim Tomsula: With all the retirements that the 9er’s had, it was hard to see the team doing so well. Also it’s really just bad luck for Tom Sula to have to follow in the foot steps of Jim HardboughTom never had a decent shot to really be a head coach of the 49ers. Especially since at the end of things he seemed more like the intern than the head honcho.

That is about it for all the fired head coaches, I know there are vacancies in the NFL for coaching position, but I’m only going to focus on the 4 recent fired head coaches. When they post the new head coaches for everyone I will do a blog on that. Until next time:

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