Star Wars the Force Awakens: Review

Finn JAkku

As you know this being the biggest movie of the year, and everyone is hopping the Star Wars bandwagon I thought I would do a review for “The Force Awakens” Like everyone else, I pretty much enjoyed the movie, however the movie has several flaws to it, and as a movie goer, that hasn’t seen any Star Wars merchandise other than the movies, I pretty much ignored most of the fanboy complaints and just going to observe this movie as a casual fan. Without further ado!


Really like the feel of this movie, it just felt like Star Wars too me. It had a fun atmosphere, that just made you really into the universe that it was set in. The Storm Troopers were more than just emotionless fodder, they had personality. In fact the best character in this movie was a storm trooper:


The movie also had a surrounding mystery to it that makes you want to see the next movies to see what happens. The plethora of new characters were interesting, and the combination with the old characters I didn’t think overshadow the newbies.  The ending with Luke Sky-walker was something that I really enjoyed. The music score was reminiscent of Star Wars.  Also am I the only one that enjoyed Finn more than every other main character?

Negatives- Honestly even though I enjoyed this movie there were several negatives. First one being Rey seemed to good at the powers of the force. Even if she is supposedly maybe a Sky-Walker. Anakin, and Luke were not good at the force at the very beginning like that, and Anakin was the chosen one. She was too good at every little things she did.  Something that turned me off from the character.

Also; Kylo Ren was just annoying. I didn’t feel the sense of danger or mystery to him, and felt that the reveal of him being Han Solo’s kid shouldn’t have been revealed so soon in the movie. When he takes the mask of he isn’t threatening at all, in fact he looks like Snape’s abandon child. He’s a thirty year old man, but he talks and looks like a teenager? I guess they wanted someone close to Finn’s and Rey’s age. Also he looked really weak in the movie, in a series where the villains seem unstoppable. Hopefully Snoke turns out to be Plagieus and tears up all the heroes in the next one.

While this felt like a Star Wars movie, it was a carbon copy of the first movie. While everyone hates the prequels for being too different.I happen to enjoy the movies for having a different story line than the original. It brought new stuff to the Star Wars universe. Something that I don’t really think the “The Force Awakens” did.  They played this movie a little to safe on the nerd side, and didn’t want to displease the old fans.

Well that’s about it for this review. I give this movie a 7/10. It’s a good movie, but some points stopped it from being great.  I hope you guys have a wonderful day, and find someone that makes you feel special like FinxPoe!

Poe x Finn



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