Why Hitler’s Struggle is being felt even today!



(The link to the article is above, and by no means am I claiming it as my own, just my opinion about it.)

To think the book that truly started it all is about to be published again. It’s crazy to think that this book was the foundation to the greatest tragedy that has befallen this planet, and yet here we are today debating if we should ban this book.

I believe that we should publish this book, because if nothing else it is all about history, and I feel we have the right to know, the full details an plans of Hitler before his rise to power. Many argue against this because they believe this book will help the Neo-Nazi party to rise, increase the workload of antisemitism. However I believe that this book, will not cause the growth to be that huge. While there is potential that this book will do that, I think the biggest factor in the growth of Anti-Antisemitism is the allowance of Jew jokes, and the bullying of the Jewish race, that was the bases of Hitlers hatred in the first place. Something that we still do today, in our living rooms, at the workplace, and watch on TV. As a history person, and as a person that believes we have to the right to read all literature. I believe that many historians have the right to read this book. If anything else, to prove that we really needed hindsight back then.



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