One Piece 812: Marriage: Fate worse than Death

One Piece 812

Welcome back, for the first chapter of the year for us One Piece fans! It’s the year of Sanji, and we start out the year learning about his birth families name. The Vinsmoke family is going to be the name we’ll be looking at for most of the year. For Sanji didn’t have a full name for the past 18 years of his character along with some of the other SH’s. It is time to start delving into his character, but before that lets look into this chapter!



This chapter did an excellent job showcasing the standings of the supernovas. Especially a supernova like Capone, who didn’t have much of a fan-base before this chapter. Him backstabbing a yonkou crew member pretty much keeps supporting the fact that the supernovas are dangerous. They are the worse generation because they are openly not afraid to go against the higher ups. The power is unique, and it’ll be interesting how Capone can use it in one on one opponents.  Also got to give props to Pekoms for being an interesting character.  The chapter really gets a good rating because of Capone, and the tension gave but,


All the SH’s have show to be able to dodge bullets, and if anything Sanji is closer to the level of his peers who were dodging lightning back in preskip. So it doesn’t make much sense to me that he didn’t just blitz all of Capone’s men with guns. While it was cool for Capone’s character, it didn’t do much justice for the characters who with already established knowledge make guns a no go. It would make more sense in a Law and Doflamingo situation were Law was already beat up, or Whitebeard since he was already sick, but a healthy Sanji could take a bullet or two. Also a little Dehype for Pekoms, he was the one that humbled Caribou, yet he couldn’t use CoO to dodge some bullets? Hell casually he was dodging and reflecting them from Caribou. Even if it’s from behind, if he has at least a decent amount of Haki he should be able to dodge. CoO just makes it hard for this series sometimes.


Overrall I thought this chapter was a great way to start the year of Sanji. I predict next chapter Sanji tries to fight out of Capones castle, but can’t escape, and sheds a little light on his past. Also Capone needs to keep at it because because like the rest of the Nova’s he keeps giving the rookies a good name. Here is my rating. 7/10 great chapter. Could use some fix ups though.






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