Bleach 659: I’m pretty sure doctors get paid more

Bleach 659

Welcome to my first Bleach review! With the revival of Hitsuguya we learn that Gerald’s miracles don’t really work, because he’s the only character we really wanted dead! *Crickets* anyways time to get this started!


I’m one of the rare people you see in this world that actually like Ishida, but his little past that was revealed in this chapter was really morbid, and made me respect him a little more as a character. Hitsuguya’s banter with Gerald was pretty fun to read, and I’m interested to see how, again, after losing to a bottom ranking member, he somehow beats a top ranking Sternritter. Is there enough quincy around to match up to all the possible people? I’m not sure everyone got a fight. The pacing was a bit better than normal Bleach chapters.


Really hoping we start moving on, because I don’t think there are enemies left, and I don’t think we really need to drag on the ending any longer than we have too. Chapters like these have good content, but we need to pick this up into high gear. The end of the chapter I didn’t really care about because I figure Ishida and Ichigo aren’t going to go at it. If anything from the looks of their face it looked like long lost lovers found each other. Also not a fan of characters who are supposed to be dead, are alive. Gerald also seems like a wannabe Yammy, which we know will never happen.


That’s all for this chapter. I predict next chapter has a little chit chat between our star crossed lovers, and then we go back to Gerald vs. Hits, and Hits making Gerald unlock his true form to end next chapter, but chapters rarely end like that in Bleach. I rate this chapter 6/10, decent.

(When it comes to Bleach, I’m very bad with spelling names!)



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