One Piece 813: Mr. Prince is back

One Piece 813

Welcome back guys, and welcome to my review of One Piece chapter 813. This chapter is really great because we get to see how everything is shaping up for future events, and we get to see Sanji do something that’s not bleeding out of his nose!



Really informative chapter that added suspense, and tension. Really felt like an old preskip One Piece chapter that we’ve been desperately wanting the feel for here in this post skip saga. Also loving the character interactions. The series is much better when we have characters we never knew would interact talk to each other. Capone’s devil fruit power continues to shine with creativity, and Vito has a great design for being a member of Capone’s design. A little hype to Big Mom comes in, and Nekomumashi has another epic moment. The ending left you with goosebumps, wondering what the hell is going to happen to Sanji.


Negatives- Not much negatives per-say but Oda is the king of foreplay, and never tells us anything, and makes us wait for answers, and it is very aggravating when you want answers now, and it seems almost everything is a secret these days. Really when we would have seen more competent men in Capone’s crew, and show us why his crew is too be feared since they do most of the fighting.


All and all I rate this chapter with a 8/10. A great chapter, and it hopefully brings us into another good year of One Piece that we haven’t had since the first year of Dressrosa. I’m predicting next chapter we hear the SH’s make plans on what they’re going to do next!Jabba Hut Sanji


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