Toriko 355-EOS Toriko will have 700 million Demons.

Toriko 355

Welcome back to the another exciting chapter of Toriko. Today we learned that the olfactory sense isn’t the most useless thing to surviving! Also that Toriko still hasn’t learned he can’t fight a king!


As per usual the hype for Toriko is on point, and the continental splitting attack was on point. The abilities of the Wolf King continues to make it amazing. The Jirou hype was also really fun because anything with Jirou is just epic. Makes me miss Jirou, yes let’s go back to him please.


It seems like the fights in Toriko are all about, my attacks are bigger than yours! Really wish we would have more choreography in the fights. Hype attacks are cool, but it is really hard to appreciate them because it’s every chapter. Toriko having three demons is really stupid. Especially because we still haven’t gotten development for two of them.  Also never am I big fan of off paneling events. So not seeing the interactions of Zebra, and Buranch ticks me off because it was the one group I really wanted to see.


Overall I rate this chapter an 7/10. It was good, but it left several things to be desired to be a good chapter. I predict next chapter more flashbacks of small tidbits of information that was skipped over.




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