Bleach 660: Yes let’s say are master plan out loud to omniscient people.

Bleach 660

Welcome back to another Bleach review. In this chapter we learned that we’re going to announce our plans out loud to people who can see the future, and already know if it’s going to work or now.  I’m sorry but Yawch’s ability is too perfect in my honest opinion, and it’s making it harder for me to see the possibility in beating him in the series, but I’m sure Ichigo will find a way.

Positives: I always really like the interactions between Ishida, and Ichigo. I’ve always wanted the relationship to develop, and the rivalry to get better because I really believe that the two characters are really the same coin. That had similar backstories, and both really hated each other from the get go. It’s also nice to see how their friendship got this strong. Really makes it seem funny that Chad was just completely left out of this little rivalry because there is no way he can catch up. Really like how tense the series lately, it’s Bleach so we know how the series is going to end, but still I don’t even know how the Yawch will be defeated. Which is enjoyable because it keeps me interested in the series, which Bleach has a hard time doing.

Negatives- With that being said, it also makes some of the situations hard to digest. I don’t see their being a way that Ichigo or Ishida can conceivably win against Hashawalch. He see’s the future, and he knows what Ishida’s plans are with the sun bombs he planted. It makes me wonder what he doesn’t just kill them now instead of just playing with them. Makes most scenerios in this series hard to digest because I can’t see a way for the bad guys to lose without some serious PIS/CIS. This is Kubo so I expect him to come up with some equally ridiculous ways for the gang to win.

All and All I give this chapter a 7/10. It was a good chapter. I enjoyed the exchange between the two characters, and I really excited to see how this plays out, but please for the love of Kubo make it something believable.


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