Dragon Ball Super 08: Space is VAAAAAAST

Dragon Ball Super 08

Welcome back guys to another awesome Dragon Ball Super review. This time we are finally out of the movies, and we are into a brand new saga for Dragon Ball. Let’s began.


Really good chapter. It was a very informational chapter with excellent amount of world building. Planet Salad was good information, cause we see how the other Saiyans survive in universe 6. Also made hype for Chill the Frieza look alike. It seems he’s ten times more powerful than Piccolo, Goku, and Vegeta. Wait did Piccolo just hint that he himself got a power-up? It would be great to see a God-Mode Piccolo.  The humor in this chapter is classic Dragon Ball from the original series. Plus the tournaments in Dragon Ball are usually the best parts of the series, and this reminds me the class tournament in the original Dragon Ball with Roshi’s sister Baibini. I guess Buu needed to absorb an intelligent character. Surprised that Goku passed the test, I remember him back in the original learning basic elementary stuff.


While there isn’t much to complain about, I would like it better if the fighters on team Champa were not treated as jokes. Granted I don’t expect them all to be SSGSS, but at the same time I expect them to atleast be SSJ2 strong. It’s the top 5 warriors from each universe, and sitting here and watching Goku stomp him was the classic Dragon Ball that none of us liked. It also makes it hard to see Piccolo winning the next fights if he truly hasn’t gotten a powerup. For he’s not going to beat opponents that Vegeta, and Goku can’t beat.

Overall I give this chapter a 8/10. Really excited to see the next things that come out of this series. Hopefully some Piccolo stuff in the next chapter, and where the hell is Gohan?



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