Nanantsu No Taizai 158: Powerful Warriors far and wide come to fight Hawk.

The Seven Deadly Sins 158

It has been a while, but I’m back to doing reviews for the Seven Deadly Sins! This time we catch back up to all the powerful warriors who have come to wish to fight the magnificent scrap clean up leader: Hawk!


Always great to see new characters introduced in the series. I know the front picture I have pictured the Zoro looking swordsman, but I’m really actually more interested in the religous guy with the hammer. Nakaba is a really good writer when it comes to writing about characters with amazing abilities, and are throughout the world. Really compliments the world building for the series. The assassins too caught my eye, for I’m wondering how an Assassin will win a tournament when it comes to just fighting. Hawk always provides the entertainment, and Gil Thunder, and Hauser combinations look well developed the stronger they get. Nakaba adds so much detail to his art. Really makes me feel like I’m in the series when I see the minor details that are drawn throughout.


I can’t really say there was any negatives in this chapter, but I can’t say this chapter was perfect. I think one of the things that irk me is that Diane’s memory lost really is not a story line I’m interested in. I’m also more interested in Ban, and Mel’s story line, and the females of the character not named Elaine, or Merlin don’t interest me. So I think when a chapter has a large portion of it dedicated to them I get really annoyed, but I can’t really fault the chapter for my personal opinion.

All and all I give this chapter a 7/10. A good chapter, needed more substance in it to be a great chapter, despite not really having much faults.  For next chapter please give me more Ban please!


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