One Piece 814: Sanji Zoldyck

One Piece 814.png

Welcome back to another wonderful review for One Piece chapter 814. This chapter we really learned how Zoro is secretly in love with Sanji, and misses him dearly. Plus we also learned that Sanji has assassin blood in him. Who know kicking people was a sure fire way to kill them secretly! Let’s begin!


Chapter was basically a a recap on the situation at hand right now. However I must say Nekomumashi was my favorite thing about this chapter. The lasagna reminded me Garfield, and him chasing the cat nip, and opening up his wounds over a ball of yarn was classic One Piece humor that I love so much. Chopper developing a crush on the reindeer was pretty cute scene. Also I loved how the SH’s recap with one another over current events. Really like the reveal of Sanji’s family being assassins. I personally think it’s much better than being a son of a noble. Something we already seen play out with Doflamingo.

Negatives- Not too many negatives over this chapter, but Zoro really annoyed me. I know he has a rivalry with Sanji, but to see him treat Sanji like that despite having all the facts really made no sense to me. Everyone says its in Zoro’s nature, but honestly I really thought it was out of his nature. Luffy already waged war on Big Mom, and nothing Sanji did made that anyworse. If anything it made it better. I think this was just a misstep in direction for Zoro, or perhaps he’s hiding his inner love for Sanji, by pretending he doesn’t care.


All in all this chapter was really good, and this Zou arc is shaping up to be better, and better. I rate this chapter 8/10. Next week I predict that Brooke reveals what he knows about the Vinsmoke family. Hope you enjoyed the read have a wonderful day! 🙂

Zoro loves Sanji


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