Toriko 356: The pacing is just horrendous

Toriko 356

Welcome back to another wonderful review of Toriko 356. Let me just say I’m hating the pacing of current Toriko. It’s really gotten to the point where it’s not fun that we off paneled the dream ingredients for the main characters of the series, just so we can get to some cool flashy fight scenes!

Positives: For me the best part of Toriko is the world surrounding it. The wonderful ideas, and places that we get to see. The cave where time is 200,000 times faster than normal was a great idea, that I wanted to see how they over come it. Jirou’s face at the end was cool, and how the chapter ends makes me excited that I want to see the next chapter. However.


What is up with this pacing? Three cool potential small arcs, with world building was skipped so we can get to some cool flashy fight scenes? I know Toriko has great fights. However it has an even better world out there that I want to explore. The GW was hyped to be something wonderful to explore, but here we are skipping the major sections of the GW. It makes me as a reader who invested his time in the series disappointing because now it skipped places and events I wanted to see with the characters I invested my own time into.

I give this 5/10 because the pacing just really killed all enjoyment I could possibly have.



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