Toriko: February Month Review!

February Reviews:







Welcome Toriko fans, and Outskirts Battledome fanatics welcome to the first publication of the OBD newsletter, and the first monthly review of some of your favorite series! Toriko! Toriko this month has been under lots of scrutiny because in the month of February Toriko has delivered any of its usual Toriko goodness, and it makes some hardcore Toriko fans like myself wondering why it is not delivering on the things it has done in previous issues. Is the series being rushed due to poor sales? Does Shima still care about the series? What the hell is with the pacing and skipping character dreams, and idealizations that we are skipping over?

            However in the awful month of February we got some good chapters, and some good scenes. Neo was threatening and basically just a miniature creepy looking Galactus looking to eat planets all over the universe. To the point of hunting down the creature to make it’s Gourmet cells perfect for eating, and tenderizing on the grill.

            We also got an amazing flashback involving Don Slime, and Ichiryyuu where we, finally, actually got character development for characters in a Toriko series!

Neo's face

Does this make the fans like them more? I would hope so, but it’s Toriko so we already liked them because those planet busting feats!

However we skipped over details like capturing the Kings dream goals, and we get more bullshit Komatsu, and Toriko embracing their homosexual love for each other to the point where it’ll be called Toriko x Komatsu by the end of the series run. (Maybe this is the new manga Shima wants.)

All in all I rate these batch of chapters a 7/10. It’s only saving grace was Neo’s and Don’s flashback. Hopefully next month we go back to the Toriko chapter we love so dearly!


OBD Power level update- The only thing to really new here is that Don Slime can apparently destroy two planets in a single punch, and he can also send down planet busting meteors from space. There is talk about Neo surviving some kind of Black hole, but that’s still under some debate. While Toriko didn’t jump leaps in bounds in the power scaling, it did make firmly nest itself in the planet level room. Something even Whitebeard wants to get at.


Dragon Ball Super 9: Is the Saiyan Blue or Gold?

Dragon Ball super 9

Welcome back Dragon Ball fans! Is the dress.. I mean Saiyan blue or gold? No one really knows, but we sure as hell know Frieza, I mean Frost is blue know! Lets get into it shall we?


It’s classic Dragon Ball where the fights are just too fast for a Master like Roshi to see! Let’s forget though he stopped being able to see Goku’s punches pre 22nd Budokai, but that is here nor there. God Mode Roshi incoming?  Seeing Piccolo, and Vegeta come up with strategies to beat Bototamo, only to have Goku come up with the simplest one was hilarious because it further proves Goku far surpassed them a long time ago. I love how big the Dragon Ball universe is, and seeing all different types of creatures, and characters in it makes me appreciate the tournament because its looking into different species. However that being said-


I love the ideal of multiple universes, hell I loved it in Dragon Ball Multiverse. However I don’t really like the fact that besides the personality change, and a different  color scheme. Frost is basically Frieza. At most I was hoping Frost to have his forms be a little different, or at most I was hoping Frost would have at least been as strong as Golden Frieza. Even though Gold Frieza isn’t really a form of Frieza, just something Frieza added to his final form. If Frost was this week, why not let Piccolo handle the job? Oh I know because God Mode Piccolo is coming! All will be forgiven with God Mode Piccolo.  Now time to wait another month to wait for the perfect Piccolo moment to be just as powerful as Goku and Vegeta. 😉

I give this chapter a 7/10 it had good action and some comedy parts, but I’m truly waiting for the moments when Dragon Ball super has iconic moments for the series. It seems to be coming up soon. Until next time!


Bleach 664: No Gods here, just the God Killer (Urahara’s Bankai)

Bleach 664

Welcome back Bleach fans, I know I missed a couple weeks but I made it back to to Urahara’s freaking BANKAI!!!!!! I’m so excited, move over Shunsui, Yammamoto, Kenpachi, Rukia. This is the real bankai I’ve been waiting for! I’ve always felt Urahara was one of the strongest, if not the strongest person in Bleach. Urahara will not be stronger than Yawch but he’ll stomp all his fodder.


What’s not to like about this Bleach chapter? It gave you tension that normal Bleach chapters wouldn’t give you. You always know the Shinigami are going to win, but you didn’t expect Yoiruichi to lose so early in the game. You expected finally Ask to be knocked out of the fight, but when he came back it was tension because she was one of the strongest fighters in Bleach in her strongest form.  When you saw Urahara come in you knew something was going to go down because he has never failed to entertain in any of his appearances! When Ask was talking about how unbeatable his power is, it let fans wondering what the hell was going to happen, and then bam! BANKAI! A Bankai, that many fans wanted to see the most in the series (not Kenpachi’s included). I wonder what it does, and how powerful it is, however I have to freaking wait to see the glory of one of my favorites. Kiskue Urahara!


A typical Bleach chapter where the villain rambles on about his abilities and brags to his opponent how unbeatable he is, only for someone unleash a new technique that just happens to counter it so perfectly.  However who cares it’s Urahara and hes’s awesome!

I give this chapter an 8/10, it was great for me, and it could only get better if I saw his Bankai in action! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Bleach is the one I’m excited for the most the next chapter!

Toriko 360 Don Slime > Madara, and Fujitora

Toriko 360

Hello! Toriko fans welcome back, I know I missed last week with the awesome flashback, but now I’m back now to do this Toriko chapter!


The battle between Don Slime, and Neo is really going good so far from what we have seen. The meteor going down was one of those epic Toriko moments that you don’t want to end. Another planet busting techniques are usually cool, and I can’t wait to see a planet actually get destroyed on panel!


I honestly don’t like that we are rushing every single chapter makes the story any interesting. We are skipping around every fight and character development, and plot point that I didn’t even care about the Kings eating their dream ingredients. It would have been much more satisfying if we saw them get the food, but nope it is more of a slap to the face than anything else. I’ve never been a fan of Komatsu having everything coming to him. Oh come to a continent with thousands of Islands that you have to search through, no problem I see Toriko right there? The adventure in the series no longer there, and I understand Toriko isn’t that popular in Japan. However it will never be if it keeps going like this.


I give this chapter a 4/10. not satisfying for me, and I hope that the pacing slows down pretty soon. Next week I predict a single page of fights, and then back to characters we are suppose to care about.



One Piece 817: When it comes to girls, I’m similar to Raizou!

One Piece 817


Welcome back One Piece fans! After a long week break, Zou is back, and it keeps getting better, and better! Today I had a really heartfelt moment for Raizou for I too, don’t have Kunoichi look my way! In any case lets move on!


While everyone wants to say Raizou was a homage to the “Naruto” ninjas, no it was not. Clone jujitsu, the hand signals, the elements, those all came from Ninjas of folklore. I know that may make some Naruto fans butthurt, but that is just the truth of it. However; Raizou is definitely a homage to Jiriya the Ero sage from “Naruto”. Which is awesome because Jiriya is one of my favorite characters from Naruto. Moving on, I really liked the information dump in this chapter. I want to know more about the red poneglyph, and see what hints of history it can give us! Adds more to the story on a plot that really needs more to be expounded on.  Kine’Mon and Momonsuke not being father, and son was expected as I was predicting back ever since Do flamingo wanted Momo as his trump card. The humor in this chapter was typical One Piece humor in a good way, I was rolling when the boys though it was a huge let down, when Zoro wanted him to kill himself, and Raizou was admitting to his love life. The Kouzuki family must be really powerful to have two leaders of Zou be their retainer, can’t wait to see Oden, which makes me think of Odin from Norse Mythology.


I didn’t like the fact that Nekomushashi, and Inuarashi made up so fast on a truce.  Why bring in that plot element for a potential plot runner be brought down so fast? I’m not saying they need to straight up duke it out, but the problem the two have can’t be that big of a deal if they can call a truce so easily.  The chapter was a good chapter, but with so much going on with Jack, and Big Mom, and more importantly on Sanji, I wish we could rush through chapters like these.  Sorely because I feel like we have more important matters to get too, but I’m just a stick in the mud. Also what was the point of only showing one page of Jack? I much rather have a chapter dedicated to him, and how his confrontation with Fujitora and Sengoku went. It is a more impressive feat than beating both the Dukes.

All in all I give this chapter a 8/10. Really well chapter, and Zou continues to impress every week with the characters it brings to the table. Next week I expect more information dump regarding the ponyglyph.

One Piece 817 part 2


Bleach 661 and 662: You’re a God! And You’re a God! You’re Also a God.

Bleach 661

Welcome to a double edition of Bleach Reviews. Currently I’m a little behind on my reviews but I’m going back on track with Bleach. Although really in both these chapters we learned that everyone and their mother is a God somehow. Jesus… I’ll start with 661!


I for one am happy we don’t have to go through the fake drama of Ishida being Ichigo’s enemy. I feel that the plot has been done several hundred times, and honestly I think it’s just good that we dropped it off as is. Chad doing something useful for a change is great. Even if it’s fodder clean up duty. Really because Chad’s not going to beat any of the big players here, in fact I highly doubt current Chad could take a top 10 Espada from years ago. So good for you Chad!


It’s funny how the terms are thrown around in Bleach these days. He has omniscient power, or he’s omnipotent. If this were the case than the bad guys would have won the battle hundreds of chapters ago. A true Omnipotent character would never lose to the likes of Ichigo, or Kenpachi. Omnipotent characters are characters who basically control the entire universe, can even create or destroy the universe.If he truly knew Ishida was going to betray he would know it ahead of time, it doesn’t take time to tell to warm up true omnipotence, it’s already there. Terms like this are really redundant. So Chad is what? Omnipotent of Fodder Duty?

I rate this chapter a 5/10!

Bleach 662

There it goes another “God” term being thrown around. After a while the hype just goes away. Anyways that aside this chapter of Bleach was much better than the previous one above. Purely for story telling purposes, not the half naked woman above, nope definitely not because of that…


I love chapters with Urahara in it. I think he’s probably my favorite character, and I’ve been dying to see him in action for a while. To see him get hype like that among, Ichigo, Kenpachi, Hachibi, and Aizen was perfect for a fanboy like me. Yoriuchi will always be the best female in Bleach, and seeing her ultimate form was a sight to see for pure battle purpose wise. ( 😉 ) However I really wish we can move on from this fight because it’s boring me. Can’t take this guy seriously now knowing that Urahara would kick his ass to France and back. The humor in this chapter was typical Bleach humor which isn’t a bad thing.


The padding is so slow, and you know Kubo is just doing anything he can to prolong the series as much as he can. The fight for all intents and purposes should have ended about 3 chapters ago. Bleach fights are good but they take up half the year so it no longer matters.

I rate this chapter 7/10

Thanks for reading this super long review! And remember, YOU’RE A GOD TOO!



Toriko 358: The Strongest of the Strong take place

Toriko 358

Welcome back to another awesome week of Toriko. This week Neo continues his out of control outcast eating habits. At last the 3 disciples are still the baddest things on the planet.


Very information heavy chapter, and we took our time with the plot lines this week. We got to see how Neo formed and how he was taken down from the beginning (The Gourmet Demons), we also saw Midora and Jirou in action which means it is always a great chapter.  Don Slime coming in for that crash landing was awesome, I really want to see the history between Don Slime and Neo. Was Don the one that took him down the first time? If he was I’m almost positive he’s not going to be able to do it again. Jirou is menacing, and damn I really want the chapters to just focus on him this upcoming week. Midora really doesn’t seem to care about his fight with Joa at all, so I’m expecting that fight to be the shortest.


While many things happened, I want chapters to focus on one event at a time, so we can have more details. It’s becoming so much like One Piece with the jumping around to different events. I believe we needed much more detail on Neo, and I wanted to see his defeat, and his comeback.  Flashback was too short for me. Another thing that annoyed me is how the Red Nitro was awing over the main cast courage. Really felt like it was a waste of panel.

All in all I rate this chapter a 7/10. A good chapter, but nothing to write home about, I’m predicting the next few weeks will be focus on the fights.