Toriko 357: If you can’t make Friends, blame it on the creepiness

Toriko 357

Welcome back to another wonderful blog for Toriko. Hope you guys enjoyed the creepiness as much as I did, because boy did I….like it?


This chapter is one of those classic Toriko chapters that you want more of. The world building, or should I say galaxy building was amazing. I love when we explores worlds, and areas that we don’t normally get to see. Seeing that their are other worlds out their with powerful creatures opens up plenty of opportunities for future adventures in the human world when the Gourmet World is done. Cooking planets sounds really silly when you think about it, but when it comes to Toriko it’s go big or go home.  As for the main bulk of the chapter Neo is just really creepy and ugly looking. Which among demons, he was the outcast that no one liked. At first I was thinking they were going to play the outcast villain card but no. Neo never cared if he was the outcast, he wanted to be left stranded so he can have all the food to himself.  He’s pretty much Galactus’s smaller, and uglier brother.  The creepiness this chapter brought I really enjoyed because it had a eerie feel to it. I felt disgusted by Neo, and when he hunted down the creature to install true fear was probably one of the best written moments in Toriko. Much better improvement than last week.


Not really anything negative to say about this chapter, I wish we saw more of the cooking process instead of just talking about it. I really hope after Neo we have a flashback for the previous king’s flashbacks.


All in all I give this chapter an 8/10. Really good Toriko chapter, which Toriko usually has of. Next week I predict our first official planet busting feat in Toriko, from Neo. Until next time. 🙂


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