One Piece 816:Pet’s loyal to the end

One Piece 816

Welcome back One Piece fans I hope you had an amazing week. I had a little bit of a rough week, but honestly I think it’s only going to get better. Today in One Piece it proves once again why Dogs, and Cats are forever going to be the best animal to have at your side! Even the ones who could potentially rip your head off.


The tension in this chapter was really nice. The entire time for Zou I had no idea how this arc was going to play out. We have Weeble looking for Luffy, and Big Mom searching for Sanji, Law searching for Kaidou, and Jack looking for Raizou. So many big players it was really hard to tell what direction Oda may take this. I for one was thinking we were going to have a big war with the Mink tribe, and Luffy and Law were going to take on the Dukes. However, again Oda surprised us with a shocking twist. The twist and the spread with it is probably my favorite in the series. Only because it had so much emotion to it, and it was not expected to come, at most I think the closest prediction was the Mink were going to be alright with the Samurai, and understand the situation. I did not see, however, the Mink sacrificing their land, and their lives to save Raizou. Which too me makes this one of the biggest surprises in One Piece history. Just who is Raizou?


The chapter seemed almost incredibly short for me. It didn’t seem much happened in the earlier bits of the chapter, and I was really thinking it was going to be another set up chapter with a huge tease at the end, which I really hate from One Piece because it usually follows with a break. While I like the ending, I believe a few pages could have been cut short, and the ending would have been just as perfectly delivered. I’m also not liking the short little skirmish in battles, granted I knew that the two Dukes weren’t going to go all out, but a cross hit between both should have had more impact. I want the fights to be a little longer in One Piece.

That is about it or the review. I’m going to give this chapter an 8/10. The ending, and the plot twist really did it for me, It gives me chills every time I think of it. However I wish the earlier part of the chapter would have been written better. The chapter was great but would have been better with a little less padding.


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