Toriko 358: The Strongest of the Strong take place

Toriko 358

Welcome back to another awesome week of Toriko. This week Neo continues his out of control outcast eating habits. At last the 3 disciples are still the baddest things on the planet.


Very information heavy chapter, and we took our time with the plot lines this week. We got to see how Neo formed and how he was taken down from the beginning (The Gourmet Demons), we also saw Midora and Jirou in action which means it is always a great chapter.  Don Slime coming in for that crash landing was awesome, I really want to see the history between Don Slime and Neo. Was Don the one that took him down the first time? If he was I’m almost positive he’s not going to be able to do it again. Jirou is menacing, and damn I really want the chapters to just focus on him this upcoming week. Midora really doesn’t seem to care about his fight with Joa at all, so I’m expecting that fight to be the shortest.


While many things happened, I want chapters to focus on one event at a time, so we can have more details. It’s becoming so much like One Piece with the jumping around to different events. I believe we needed much more detail on Neo, and I wanted to see his defeat, and his comeback.  Flashback was too short for me. Another thing that annoyed me is how the Red Nitro was awing over the main cast courage. Really felt like it was a waste of panel.

All in all I rate this chapter a 7/10. A good chapter, but nothing to write home about, I’m predicting the next few weeks will be focus on the fights.


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