One Piece 817: When it comes to girls, I’m similar to Raizou!

One Piece 817


Welcome back One Piece fans! After a long week break, Zou is back, and it keeps getting better, and better! Today I had a really heartfelt moment for Raizou for I too, don’t have Kunoichi look my way! In any case lets move on!


While everyone wants to say Raizou was a homage to the “Naruto” ninjas, no it was not. Clone jujitsu, the hand signals, the elements, those all came from Ninjas of folklore. I know that may make some Naruto fans butthurt, but that is just the truth of it. However; Raizou is definitely a homage to Jiriya the Ero sage from “Naruto”. Which is awesome because Jiriya is one of my favorite characters from Naruto. Moving on, I really liked the information dump in this chapter. I want to know more about the red poneglyph, and see what hints of history it can give us! Adds more to the story on a plot that really needs more to be expounded on.  Kine’Mon and Momonsuke not being father, and son was expected as I was predicting back ever since Do flamingo wanted Momo as his trump card. The humor in this chapter was typical One Piece humor in a good way, I was rolling when the boys though it was a huge let down, when Zoro wanted him to kill himself, and Raizou was admitting to his love life. The Kouzuki family must be really powerful to have two leaders of Zou be their retainer, can’t wait to see Oden, which makes me think of Odin from Norse Mythology.


I didn’t like the fact that Nekomushashi, and Inuarashi made up so fast on a truce.  Why bring in that plot element for a potential plot runner be brought down so fast? I’m not saying they need to straight up duke it out, but the problem the two have can’t be that big of a deal if they can call a truce so easily.  The chapter was a good chapter, but with so much going on with Jack, and Big Mom, and more importantly on Sanji, I wish we could rush through chapters like these.  Sorely because I feel like we have more important matters to get too, but I’m just a stick in the mud. Also what was the point of only showing one page of Jack? I much rather have a chapter dedicated to him, and how his confrontation with Fujitora and Sengoku went. It is a more impressive feat than beating both the Dukes.

All in all I give this chapter a 8/10. Really well chapter, and Zou continues to impress every week with the characters it brings to the table. Next week I expect more information dump regarding the ponyglyph.

One Piece 817 part 2



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