Toriko 360 Don Slime > Madara, and Fujitora

Toriko 360

Hello! Toriko fans welcome back, I know I missed last week with the awesome flashback, but now I’m back now to do this Toriko chapter!


The battle between Don Slime, and Neo is really going good so far from what we have seen. The meteor going down was one of those epic Toriko moments that you don’t want to end. Another planet busting techniques are usually cool, and I can’t wait to see a planet actually get destroyed on panel!


I honestly don’t like that we are rushing every single chapter makes the story any interesting. We are skipping around every fight and character development, and plot point that I didn’t even care about the Kings eating their dream ingredients. It would have been much more satisfying if we saw them get the food, but nope it is more of a slap to the face than anything else. I’ve never been a fan of Komatsu having everything coming to him. Oh come to a continent with thousands of Islands that you have to search through, no problem I see Toriko right there? The adventure in the series no longer there, and I understand Toriko isn’t that popular in Japan. However it will never be if it keeps going like this.


I give this chapter a 4/10. not satisfying for me, and I hope that the pacing slows down pretty soon. Next week I predict a single page of fights, and then back to characters we are suppose to care about.




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