Bleach 664: No Gods here, just the God Killer (Urahara’s Bankai)

Bleach 664

Welcome back Bleach fans, I know I missed a couple weeks but I made it back to to Urahara’s freaking BANKAI!!!!!! I’m so excited, move over Shunsui, Yammamoto, Kenpachi, Rukia. This is the real bankai I’ve been waiting for! I’ve always felt Urahara was one of the strongest, if not the strongest person in Bleach. Urahara will not be stronger than Yawch but he’ll stomp all his fodder.


What’s not to like about this Bleach chapter? It gave you tension that normal Bleach chapters wouldn’t give you. You always know the Shinigami are going to win, but you didn’t expect Yoiruichi to lose so early in the game. You expected finally Ask to be knocked out of the fight, but when he came back it was tension because she was one of the strongest fighters in Bleach in her strongest form.  When you saw Urahara come in you knew something was going to go down because he has never failed to entertain in any of his appearances! When Ask was talking about how unbeatable his power is, it let fans wondering what the hell was going to happen, and then bam! BANKAI! A Bankai, that many fans wanted to see the most in the series (not Kenpachi’s included). I wonder what it does, and how powerful it is, however I have to freaking wait to see the glory of one of my favorites. Kiskue Urahara!


A typical Bleach chapter where the villain rambles on about his abilities and brags to his opponent how unbeatable he is, only for someone unleash a new technique that just happens to counter it so perfectly.  However who cares it’s Urahara and hes’s awesome!

I give this chapter an 8/10, it was great for me, and it could only get better if I saw his Bankai in action! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Bleach is the one I’m excited for the most the next chapter!


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