Dragon Ball Super 9: Is the Saiyan Blue or Gold?

Dragon Ball super 9

Welcome back Dragon Ball fans! Is the dress.. I mean Saiyan blue or gold? No one really knows, but we sure as hell know Frieza, I mean Frost is blue know! Lets get into it shall we?


It’s classic Dragon Ball where the fights are just too fast for a Master like Roshi to see! Let’s forget though he stopped being able to see Goku’s punches pre 22nd Budokai, but that is here nor there. God Mode Roshi incoming?  Seeing Piccolo, and Vegeta come up with strategies to beat Bototamo, only to have Goku come up with the simplest one was hilarious because it further proves Goku far surpassed them a long time ago. I love how big the Dragon Ball universe is, and seeing all different types of creatures, and characters in it makes me appreciate the tournament because its looking into different species. However that being said-


I love the ideal of multiple universes, hell I loved it in Dragon Ball Multiverse. However I don’t really like the fact that besides the personality change, and a different  color scheme. Frost is basically Frieza. At most I was hoping Frost to have his forms be a little different, or at most I was hoping Frost would have at least been as strong as Golden Frieza. Even though Gold Frieza isn’t really a form of Frieza, just something Frieza added to his final form. If Frost was this week, why not let Piccolo handle the job? Oh I know because God Mode Piccolo is coming! All will be forgiven with God Mode Piccolo.  Now time to wait another month to wait for the perfect Piccolo moment to be just as powerful as Goku and Vegeta. 😉

I give this chapter a 7/10 it had good action and some comedy parts, but I’m truly waiting for the moments when Dragon Ball super has iconic moments for the series. It seems to be coming up soon. Until next time!



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