Toriko: February Month Review!

February Reviews:







Welcome Toriko fans, and Outskirts Battledome fanatics welcome to the first publication of the OBD newsletter, and the first monthly review of some of your favorite series! Toriko! Toriko this month has been under lots of scrutiny because in the month of February Toriko has delivered any of its usual Toriko goodness, and it makes some hardcore Toriko fans like myself wondering why it is not delivering on the things it has done in previous issues. Is the series being rushed due to poor sales? Does Shima still care about the series? What the hell is with the pacing and skipping character dreams, and idealizations that we are skipping over?

            However in the awful month of February we got some good chapters, and some good scenes. Neo was threatening and basically just a miniature creepy looking Galactus looking to eat planets all over the universe. To the point of hunting down the creature to make it’s Gourmet cells perfect for eating, and tenderizing on the grill.

            We also got an amazing flashback involving Don Slime, and Ichiryyuu where we, finally, actually got character development for characters in a Toriko series!

Neo's face

Does this make the fans like them more? I would hope so, but it’s Toriko so we already liked them because those planet busting feats!

However we skipped over details like capturing the Kings dream goals, and we get more bullshit Komatsu, and Toriko embracing their homosexual love for each other to the point where it’ll be called Toriko x Komatsu by the end of the series run. (Maybe this is the new manga Shima wants.)

All in all I rate these batch of chapters a 7/10. It’s only saving grace was Neo’s and Don’s flashback. Hopefully next month we go back to the Toriko chapter we love so dearly!


OBD Power level update- The only thing to really new here is that Don Slime can apparently destroy two planets in a single punch, and he can also send down planet busting meteors from space. There is talk about Neo surviving some kind of Black hole, but that’s still under some debate. While Toriko didn’t jump leaps in bounds in the power scaling, it did make firmly nest itself in the planet level room. Something even Whitebeard wants to get at.


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