Toriko 361: Can Openers > Toriko

Toriko 361

Welcome back to another chapter of Toriko! Today we learned that your mothers can opener, is more powerful than continental destroying beings! Way to go powerscaling! Without further redo, lets review!


It was nice to see the hype for the demons. It was due, and given time we see the limitless potential for the 4 heavenly kings! I’m also likeing the humor with the eating everything around. Another is so powerful it basically makes anything a walking powerup for your gourmet cells. Also thought it was really well drawn with Coco’s demon. However…


Did we really offpanel one of Toriko’s full courses? Seriously why would we do that he’s not just an important character, he is the freaking main character?  Why do they need a can opener to open the dish? Toriko literally just got done cutting a continent! It seems stupid honestly. Also why didn’t we talk about Starjyuun’s demon? He’s there, and it is powerful. Seems like a waste not to talk about his. I don’t know if the pacing from the past couple of chapters made me upset with the series. However I just can’t stand the series pacing. Please this arc, spread it out. So everything that comes in can be less poppycock, and more well story driven. Granted Toriko’s never been amazing about its story but still. Stop cutting out story elements, and just slapping them in to cover the plot holes please!

I give this chapter a 6/10. It would have been higher if it wasn’t revealed we skipped over the main characters goal! Please if the series is ending, please let the last arc be stretched out!




One Piece 818:After 818 chapters, our first clue to get to Raftel!

One Piece 818

Welcome back One Piece fans, and welcome to another exciting if not one of the most important chapters possibly in One Piece history! With my new schedule I can now do the blogs on time, and without further ado! Let’s do review!


Where to start with this freaking amazing chapter. First lets have a shout-out to Oda for not totally teasing us throughout the entire chapter! I love how he set up two possible routes to get excited for! One is Big Mom’s tea party, and we all want to go and see Sanji and Jimbei, and also want to see Daddy Vinsmoke, and see what the hell Big Mom is up too. This arc would have the possibility of madness because we have no idea what will go right, or what will go wrong at the tea party. Plus Sanji’s backstory will be further expounded on. Get to see Jimbei’s poneglyph, and hopefully get to see a little bit of Big Mom and her crew’s dynamic. So many possibilities alone you can’t help but be excited for the Tea Par….well hello Wanokuni! This arc has just as many possibilities as you have Kaidou, and his crews dynamic. The Samurai’s plot. A possible Mink vs Samurai war. Huge reveals relative to the history of the world, and new secrets to Raftel. Some Zoro development. So many things going on that I am excited for both arcs! Now back to the chapter I’m surprised that Momo’s father is so important. I knew being a lord was going to give this man some power, but having direct ties to the poneglyphs, and being apart of Roger’s crew? How amazing was this guy? Shogun and Kaidou formed an alliance?  Why? When? What does Wano have to gain from Kaidou and vice versa? Finally my favorite part about this chapter was the reveal that the 4 road poneglyphs will lead you to the One Piece! For years we have all been wondering where the hell is One Piece, and what is stopping people from getting to it? Well now we know that you need 4 road poneglyph to get to the island that everyone wants to get to. To make matters worse, Kaidou, and Big Mom each have their own poneglyph. So that means in order to get to Raftel, our heros will have to face both Big Mom and Kaidou sometime soon just to get the hints. Even though if they get the stones, other pirates will be going after the SH’s. To make matters even better we do not know where the 4th one is! Does the World Government have it? Does some secret organization have it like Germa 66, and that is why they are aligning themselves with Big Mom? This chapter answered many questions, but it also raised so many. This chapter was only made better by the happinest of Luffy that his goal has a clear path insight for him. We care about the Mink, Sanji, the Samurai, so all future plot holes that are opened up we care about!


I wish that Robin was the one that gave us most of this information since she just got done decoding it. Maybe next time since we have the basic information needed!


I give this chapter a 9/10! Excellent! The only thing that would make this chapter better if there was some kind of big ass feat performed.Then it would have been a perfect 10/10. This chapter have characterization, world building, plot moving. Everything you want in a series especially a series as beloved as One Piece. Until next time!

The Seven Deadly Sins 164: Everyone knows Merlin is the best girl!

The Seven Deadly Sins 164

Welcome back NNT/SDS fans! I know it seems like I’m neglecting this series in favor or Toriko, Bleach, and One Piece. However it is much harder to review this series because of the different release date! However; I think I now found the perfect schedule to do all the reviews so without further ado, lets review!


One of the things I like about SDS, is that the pairings are well known from the get go. It is not like Naruto where we had to wait till the very end to see where everything came out too for the lovely couples. That being said I’m liking the argument between Mel, and Ban because it is something I feel like they would argue all the time about, and it just keeps encouraging the feel the Ban x Mel is the real relationship. The chapter was comical because of it, and the art was just amazing when you can see all the different actions coinciding together to make the perfect flow. SDS again shines with the perfect spreads that just seem cool, and pretty much proves that SDS will not get beat in the panel competition anytime soon. That being said.

Seven Deadly Sins 164 part 2

With Elaine being back we all know why he doesn’t need the hand….


I like Ban, and I like Mel. I also like Elaine, and so-so on Elizabeth. I do not however want an entire chapter dedicating both pairs down my throat. Am I the only one that cringed a little when he saw the cover of the chapter? I mean really yes the chapter had its charm, but all the tension I had before the previous chapters are almost gone because I had to sit through and read through this. I love when Ban and Mel are messing around. However please I want to see something more series to continue the tension. It doesn’t help that next chapter King and Diane already start with another gag induced chapter. Please for the love of God bring back the tension. Chapter would have been much better if placed later.

Overall I rate the chapter a 7/10. It was a good chapter. I was happy with the Ban and Mel moment, but I couldn’t truly enjoy it because it was mostly a pairing moment. Next week I predict Diane gets hurt, and the King goes and destroys the fakes.

Until next time.