The Seven Deadly Sins 164: Everyone knows Merlin is the best girl!

The Seven Deadly Sins 164

Welcome back NNT/SDS fans! I know it seems like I’m neglecting this series in favor or Toriko, Bleach, and One Piece. However it is much harder to review this series because of the different release date! However; I think I now found the perfect schedule to do all the reviews so without further ado, lets review!


One of the things I like about SDS, is that the pairings are well known from the get go. It is not like Naruto where we had to wait till the very end to see where everything came out too for the lovely couples. That being said I’m liking the argument between Mel, and Ban because it is something I feel like they would argue all the time about, and it just keeps encouraging the feel the Ban x Mel is the real relationship. The chapter was comical because of it, and the art was just amazing when you can see all the different actions coinciding together to make the perfect flow. SDS again shines with the perfect spreads that just seem cool, and pretty much proves that SDS will not get beat in the panel competition anytime soon. That being said.

Seven Deadly Sins 164 part 2

With Elaine being back we all know why he doesn’t need the hand….


I like Ban, and I like Mel. I also like Elaine, and so-so on Elizabeth. I do not however want an entire chapter dedicating both pairs down my throat. Am I the only one that cringed a little when he saw the cover of the chapter? I mean really yes the chapter had its charm, but all the tension I had before the previous chapters are almost gone because I had to sit through and read through this. I love when Ban and Mel are messing around. However please I want to see something more series to continue the tension. It doesn’t help that next chapter King and Diane already start with another gag induced chapter. Please for the love of God bring back the tension. Chapter would have been much better if placed later.

Overall I rate the chapter a 7/10. It was a good chapter. I was happy with the Ban and Mel moment, but I couldn’t truly enjoy it because it was mostly a pairing moment. Next week I predict Diane gets hurt, and the King goes and destroys the fakes.

Until next time.



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