Toriko 361: Can Openers > Toriko

Toriko 361

Welcome back to another chapter of Toriko! Today we learned that your mothers can opener, is more powerful than continental destroying beings! Way to go powerscaling! Without further redo, lets review!


It was nice to see the hype for the demons. It was due, and given time we see the limitless potential for the 4 heavenly kings! I’m also likeing the humor with the eating everything around. Another is so powerful it basically makes anything a walking powerup for your gourmet cells. Also thought it was really well drawn with Coco’s demon. However…


Did we really offpanel one of Toriko’s full courses? Seriously why would we do that he’s not just an important character, he is the freaking main character?  Why do they need a can opener to open the dish? Toriko literally just got done cutting a continent! It seems stupid honestly. Also why didn’t we talk about Starjyuun’s demon? He’s there, and it is powerful. Seems like a waste not to talk about his. I don’t know if the pacing from the past couple of chapters made me upset with the series. However I just can’t stand the series pacing. Please this arc, spread it out. So everything that comes in can be less poppycock, and more well story driven. Granted Toriko’s never been amazing about its story but still. Stop cutting out story elements, and just slapping them in to cover the plot holes please!

I give this chapter a 6/10. It would have been higher if it wasn’t revealed we skipped over the main characters goal! Please if the series is ending, please let the last arc be stretched out!




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