One Piece 821: An Elephant never forgets

One Piece 821

Welcome Back One Piece fans I know it has been a long long time, but I am back. This time I’m going to start off with an article about Elephants! Without further ado lets review!


One Piece is possibly in one its prime moments. Zou has been nothing but star packed information, character development, and action that makes the One Piece fans salivate for what One Piece used to be preskip. One amazing rides! While part two has been nothing but peaks and valleys, Zou reminds us what we were promised back at the beginning of part two, Adventure. I’m really liking the VOAT ability that at first I was upset because I thought only Luffy, and Roger had it, but finding out Momo had it, and can control creatures with it makes me realize that Luffy isn’t the chosen one that I fear him being. The double page with Zou attacking was breathtaking, and it makes me wonder if this really is just a transition arc. Even though it’s a transition arc, it is still leaps and bounds better than Dressrosa.


I personally didn’t like how Jack was taken down. I want the Calamities to be much more than just the suites in Do flamingo’s crew, I want them to be real powerhouses, and not just hype tools. I get it Jack couldn’t beat Zou on sea or possibly even land, but that still shouldn’t have used Jack as just a hyped tool! Jack should have somehow escaped the swing if anything, and not be used for a worthless cool moment.

I give this chapter an 8/10 nice climax to an arc that brought joy back to One Piece after many years!



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