One Piece 822: Goodbye Zou!

One Piece 822

Welcome back One Piece fans to another exciting chapter, and the final chapter of the Zou arc!  The Mink are wonderful contributes to the plot of the story, and I would like to give a shout out to Father Yoma for offering his services for Luffy. So without further ado, lets review!


Nice way to wrap up an excellent transition arc, and also a wonderful way to wrap up the best arc post time skip to date. I really love the Mink loyalty to there friends, and mates. Even though Pekoms is a notorious pirate he is still respected by his people, and they all want to go save Sanji. It something to respect out of the Mink. Love how the groups are formed. Nekomamushi  is going after Marco. Inuarashi, and Momo are staying on Zou to unearth secrets. Luffy, Pekoms, and Swirly Hats are going to retrieve Sanji, and finally the group that will divide the fanboys for years to come. Kine’Mon, Law and Zoro. Yes the fanboys will forever argue whenever Usopp or Kine’Mon is the better looking and powerful but moving on.


I think Zou moved at a good pace, but I felt some characterization for Pedro was needed in order to make his impact coming to be better.  I really wanted to see more fights. The long explanation of which groups are doing what was explained a couple chapters ago so the parts of the chapter were redundant.

Theory time:

We didn’t see Carrot at all in this chapter despite her having more screentime that most of the mink. Hell we know more about her than Pedro.  Her wanting to come would have made more sense, so I’m expecting her to sneak on board for the Big Mom trip.  Another theory is that I’m expecting Pedro to be in cahoots with the underground, I’m thinking he sold out his clan to Kaidou on information about Zou. That is the reason Jack has found Zou atleast two times which is an always moving country. I also think he plans to sell the SH’s whereabouts. Just a hunch though.


Overall I give this chapter an 7/10 not the best Zou arc chapter, but it was a nice way to send us out. Thank you for reading, I’m thinking about updating the blog site so if you have any suggestions please let me know.  I also made a twitter I will post a link to it. Thank you so much for reading, and enjoy your day!



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