One Piece 823: The World moves for the boy in the straw hat!

One Piece 823

Hello fans welcome back to another wonderful review of One Piece 823! I’m really enjoying this chapter because I freaking love Vivi and I’m so happy she is back. So without further ado, lets review!


I love world chapters after an arc ends. I love the straw hats but I remember how big the world really is when I see characters from hundreds of  chapters ago become relevant again. Added to the fact that I love when I see new characters with new designs who are only going to add to the massive world that is One Piece. The Alabasta cast for me was the best cast when it comes to Kingdoms in One Piece. Wapol is sweet nostalgic memory that I’m happy to see, and I feel people aren’t too hyped for. You feel like stuff is going to hit the fan when Khuera goes to reverie with Dalton.  Also Stelly is now the king of the Goa Kingdom! I love when Oda brings back characters we never knew would be important again! Also I must say I really like Carrot, I predicted she sneaked on he ship a mile away, but it was really wonderful to see her have a cute yet nasty personality. So far, she is much better than Pedro, who I have a hard time even liking because we didn’t get to know him at all.


Carrot reveal would have been better if we weren’t spoiled by in on the cover page a few weeks back.  While I like the massive world build that One Piece brings I have a feeling that every arc will be crammed like Dressrosa which is a bad thing. For example Luffy has division commanders and what, we only care about Bartolomeo and Cavendish? I really hope Oda paces this out much better! One last thing I have to bring up is that I hate that we are getting teased on the Dragon vs. Blackbeard thing going on. Now all the fanboys for Dragon are jumping off ship, and going to Blackbeard, and honestly all I can say is that there was never a freaking confrontation between the two I can almost guarantee.


I’m predicting that next chapter that we get a little flashback chapter to what happened during the Blackbeard and Dragon confrontation. Seeing how there was no fight, and Dragon was leaving the base anyways.

That is all for this reveiw, until next time god bless. 🙂


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