Toriko 367: Knock on Wood

Toriko 367

Welcome back Toriko fans! Welcome to another review of Toriko. In this chapter were desperately at the end trying to hope that the knocking master isn’t taking out. The best Disciple shouldn’t go out just yet! Without further adieu!  let’s review!


The fight scenes in this chapter were amazing. Seeing Jirou just walk up so casually was to me the best scene. Jirou is a really laid back character, and I have always enjoyed his laid back cockiness he brings to the series. Which brings me to what I really loved was the emotion Jirou brought to the battle when he fought Acacia. When someone like Jirou barely ever takes anything seriously, look and yell at Acacia with such emotion then you know shit is about to go down. The tension this chapter brought was well detailed, and it made you want to cheer for Jirou, but at the same time feel the loss as Jirou was slowly going to meet his doom. The final technique with the knocking hitting Jirou was amazing, and it looked like an overpowered attack that someone on Acacia’s caliber would have.


While I am sad that Jirou is probably going to die, I have a hard time really feeling emotionally attach to this death. I feel that I would care more if maybe we had more character development, or a character relationship. We saw a little in the flashback years back but it was never fully developed. I also wish we would stick to one fight and see it to the end instead of going to the next event on a cliffhanger. I know it is a cheap attempt at suspense but honestly for fans it is annoying.


I’m predicting that next chapter Midora beats Joa, but Joa does something that looks like she’ll beat Midora. Pretty simple and basic but that is about it.

Until next time thank you for reading, and god bless!


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