Bleach 670: Kenpachi has more chill than Hitsugaya

Bleach 670

Hello Bleach fans welcome back! It has been a while, but I’m back to doing Bleach reviews, and I must say I love reading Bleach in bulk because it is better than reading it weekly. So without further adieu let’s review!


The fight so far is possibly my favorite fight in this arc. Probably my favorite fight since Mask. I love the choreography, and I love the scenes of the captains talking about how to take down Gerald. You truly feel that Gerald is a force to be reckon with, and you have no idea how the captains will take them down. I really like how they put restriction on Kenpachi’s bankai. I love powerful fighters, however, I like the fact Kenpachi can’t just master his Bankai to perfection like that. Adds some reality to it.


Hitsugaya has a bigger plot convenience than Ichigo if I’m going to just lay out the honesty. I should have known that if anyone was going to win this battle in popularity between the 3 captains it would always be Kubo’s number one. I have no qualms towards Hitsugaya, but honestly I hate how he took over Kenpachi’s spotlight for a power up that sounds so redundant that it basically just says ” I didn’t plan this, but I need the fans to be happy.” I really don’t like when authors do that to their story, and so far I am not hyped for Hitsugaya’s reveal.


I predict Hit’s does some cool stuff, but loses, and Byakuya unveils a new power-up.


I give this chapter a 5/10. It could have been handle much better honestly. Until next time, God Bless! 🙂



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