Seven Deadly Sins 171: It’s the Meliodas show!

Seven Deadly Sins 171.png

Welcome back Seven Deadly Sins fans! This chapter was amazing did you guys see Ban cut Dolors arm off? Wait, did you guys see King, and Diane take down the 10 Commandments? What you say Meliodas take down the giant and the Fairy Queen? Oh yeah I forgot, Mel is taking the spotlight again. So without further adieu, let’s review!


Even if it is Mel, the action in this episode was superb. Really can’t fault Nakaba for that. Mel is always on that no days off. I especially love the little chat between Gowther, and Escanor. It really makes me want to see the backstories of the original days of the Seven Deadly Sins. Gowther is about to get some real character development! I mean he is going to get lots of character development, and he messed with most of the main cast, and I’m waiting to see how he is redeemed.


I like the Seven Deadly Sins. I like all of them with Diane being my least favorite, however still likable. My favorites are King, Ban, and Escanor. So I love when the series focuses on these cats, yet they can never truly get an amazing moment because the moment is always taken by Meliodas. I get where Meliodas is coming from, and I get that he’s the only one that can take on the 10 Commandments, but I still enjoy the others, and I am really hating the power level crap because it just serves as an excuse for us not to see the others. The other sins are due for a powerup if they are to stay relevant in the series. That really isn’t good writing, but in some series that is just how it needs to be.


Mel beats the Fairy Queen, and somehow loses at the same time, that causes everyone to rise up to take on the weaken Commandments!

I rate this chapter 6/10, would have been a lot better if other sins were involved.


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