One Piece Chapter # 796- Sengarpku’s intoxicated blood can save 20 people!

One Piece 796 pic

What more can I say about this chapter than, saying it just needed to happen. We knew eventually we were going to have to get off the island, with Fujitora somehow not capturing the SH’s but ends up keeping his Admiral position. While this chapter wasn’t bad, and had some comical grinning moments in it. It easily can’t compare to some of the other chapters we’ve been having for the past couple weeks; However even for a One Piece chapter it doesn’t even live up to the comedy, heartwarming moments we are used to. I have to honestly say Sengarpku made this chapter (Get the pun ;)) Not only is he just not taking anything seriously, he’s laughing at the decisions the Marines are making, and he’s donating his ganga toxicated blood to heal people. He makes this chapter a 6/10.


+ Everyone is up and around and we can move on to bigger things in Dress Rosa

+ Sengoku and Tsuru are fan favorites, and added a nice warmth to the series that was needed. Like two Grandparents you haven’t seen for a long time lightening the mood of a depressive household situation.

+Sengoku was on point with his laugh at the die. I think his feelings actually represent most of the One Piece fan base for the stupid reason that Fujitora never went after the Straw-Heart Alliance.

+ Bartolomeo is also on point with the comedy, seeing the SH’s shine in his eyes was hilarious, and I loved how it’s getting on their nerves. Let’s face it guys not SH material.

+ Law’s reaction to Sengoku was really needed. Especially Sengoku was in charge of Corazon’s entry into Do flamingo’s pirate crew, so it would be amazing if we even got a little interaction.

+ Is it wrong for me to say Sengoku again? He’s relaxing a lot like Garp, and acting like him a lot, which is good, because relaxed Old men in this show are the best. His new name is Sengarpku!


-THREE DAYS HAVE PASSED!!!! What about the confrontation with Kaidou and the Kidd alliance? What about Big Mom’s tea party? Sanji and company? Now listen I know Oda likes to skip around, and show us huge teases that will only bust your ever loving blue balls, but I mean come on Oda. You can’t skip important information that all fans want to see.

– Fujitora at the end with him saying he’s going to go all out. Ha! We all know he won’t because if he does there is no way for the crew to fight back, Luffy’s suddenly injured, and Law is also not in best fighting shape, and we already know Zoro can’t do anything. Fujitora is probably just going to send down a meteor and we’ll see how Zoro, and Luffy deal with one.

-The rumors got me a bit queasy because it is something we already knew, and it is something that I don’t know why we have to go over it again. Are we using it as an exception for Rebecca or Kyros to join the SH’s? I hope not, while I don’t like Rebecca, and I enjoy Kyros’s character greatly, I don’t see either of them contributing to Straw hat’s personality at all, not to mention we have so many Straw Hats that would Oda be able to focus on another one at this point?

-Bellamy’s I want to die speeches are getting annoying. No one cares about you and the intense Stockholm syndrome you have Bellamy.

While the chapter was decent as it was, I’m hoping for so much more next chapter, because at this point it could be anything, and it will probably be better than this week besides the newly add creature Sengarpku.

As for next week’s chapter (Which there will be none because Japanese Holiday) I predict a whole chapter dedicated to the escape in Dressrosa, and Luffy saying goodbye to Rebecca, while telling the world that Kyros is her father.

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