One Piece 824: Luffy’s cooking is possibly better than mine!

One Piece 824

Hello One Piece fans, welcome back to another wonderful chapter of One Piece. This chapter we basically learned that the sacred vow Marriage can only last if you’re beautiful. So without further adieu lets review!


You have to love a very powerful man, with a very weak endurance to liquor. Kaidou having his personality change so much just from drinking was hilarious. However it also showed just how intimidating Kaidou really is. Kaidou really did not care for Doflamingo so much, but the fact that he wanted his smilely operation. It was a funny scene, only made badass when Kaidou batted the guy off the island. Oda is doing a good job at writing Kaidou because he is becoming a funny character, but only raiding the tension every chapter he is in. It makes you wonder how the hell Luffy will take this guy down! It only helped when you saw Eustass Kidd on the grown bleeding, and beaten. Making a mock off possibly the most powerful supernova along the lines of Luffy and Law! The Luffy cooking moment is what I love about old One Piece because it showed the SH’s just being human amongst their hectic world, and its small moments like this, that really help the series when they have powerful emotional moments later in the series, because you remember these family moments. Sanji being in this chapter was great for me. He was still Sanji, he wasn’t moping around depressed, no he was Sanji. Still a badmouth badass goofy loving cook. No forced marriage will change that, and how he actually cares about his crew mates. I also love how I saw the Big Mom’s island defense system, and it was interesting to note how Baron Tamago reacted to Pekom’s demise. Was quite curious to that.


While I think this was a very good chapter for One Piece, and I think One Piece has been on fire for 2016. I do not like the fact we were again offpaneled information regarding Blackbeard and Dragon. I know that unless it has something to do with the Straw hats we will not see it, but the rest of the world is massive, and I would like to see some of the events that go one with other characters. Not just the Straw hats! Also I thought it was redundant that Luffy didn’t know who his father was, or what he looked like. He learned about this hundreds of chapters ago, we really didn’t need a recap.

Predictions: Luffy, and company run into a strange ally, Sanji information. Also I predict a surprise plot twist involving the world government.

I rate this chapter 8/10. Really great chapter, had some flaws, but I was certainly happy reading this.

Until next time God Bless 🙂



Bleach 670: Kenpachi has more chill than Hitsugaya

Bleach 670

Hello Bleach fans welcome back! It has been a while, but I’m back to doing Bleach reviews, and I must say I love reading Bleach in bulk because it is better than reading it weekly. So without further adieu let’s review!


The fight so far is possibly my favorite fight in this arc. Probably my favorite fight since Mask. I love the choreography, and I love the scenes of the captains talking about how to take down Gerald. You truly feel that Gerald is a force to be reckon with, and you have no idea how the captains will take them down. I really like how they put restriction on Kenpachi’s bankai. I love powerful fighters, however, I like the fact Kenpachi can’t just master his Bankai to perfection like that. Adds some reality to it.


Hitsugaya has a bigger plot convenience than Ichigo if I’m going to just lay out the honesty. I should have known that if anyone was going to win this battle in popularity between the 3 captains it would always be Kubo’s number one. I have no qualms towards Hitsugaya, but honestly I hate how he took over Kenpachi’s spotlight for a power up that sounds so redundant that it basically just says ” I didn’t plan this, but I need the fans to be happy.” I really don’t like when authors do that to their story, and so far I am not hyped for Hitsugaya’s reveal.


I predict Hit’s does some cool stuff, but loses, and Byakuya unveils a new power-up.


I give this chapter a 5/10. It could have been handle much better honestly. Until next time, God Bless! 🙂


Seven Deadly Sins 171: It’s the Meliodas show!

Seven Deadly Sins 171.png

Welcome back Seven Deadly Sins fans! This chapter was amazing did you guys see Ban cut Dolors arm off? Wait, did you guys see King, and Diane take down the 10 Commandments? What you say Meliodas take down the giant and the Fairy Queen? Oh yeah I forgot, Mel is taking the spotlight again. So without further adieu, let’s review!


Even if it is Mel, the action in this episode was superb. Really can’t fault Nakaba for that. Mel is always on that no days off. I especially love the little chat between Gowther, and Escanor. It really makes me want to see the backstories of the original days of the Seven Deadly Sins. Gowther is about to get some real character development! I mean he is going to get lots of character development, and he messed with most of the main cast, and I’m waiting to see how he is redeemed.


I like the Seven Deadly Sins. I like all of them with Diane being my least favorite, however still likable. My favorites are King, Ban, and Escanor. So I love when the series focuses on these cats, yet they can never truly get an amazing moment because the moment is always taken by Meliodas. I get where Meliodas is coming from, and I get that he’s the only one that can take on the 10 Commandments, but I still enjoy the others, and I am really hating the power level crap because it just serves as an excuse for us not to see the others. The other sins are due for a powerup if they are to stay relevant in the series. That really isn’t good writing, but in some series that is just how it needs to be.


Mel beats the Fairy Queen, and somehow loses at the same time, that causes everyone to rise up to take on the weaken Commandments!

I rate this chapter 6/10, would have been a lot better if other sins were involved.

Hunter x Hunter 350: After a long Hiatus, Biscuit is finally back!

Hunter x Hunter 350

Hello! New fans, my name is Dragonics for those of you who don’t know, and I normally do manga reviews for my favorite ongoing series! Today I’m going to do a review on a widely popular ongoing series Dragon Quest……um I mean Hunter x Hunter, so without further adieu lets review!


I love Hunter x Hunter, and I’m really excited that it is back into action. One of the best parts of Hunter x Hunter is the dialog heave chapters that explain so much of what is going on. You really can’t miss a beat when reading it. It brings life to the situation, and it raises the stakes, and all the characters have their own appeal to the story. I love how they used Kurapica’s logic to pick his prince, but and thrown right back at him when the prince reveals who he really is! Nice short twist that you expect from a series like Hunter x Hunter! The art was drawn really nice, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series has.


While the chapter wasn’t bad, it wasn’t a chapter that I was craving after another long Hiatus from HxH. I was wanting something to do more with the actual traveling to the Dark Continent. It is hard to really appreciate some of these set up chapters, when you have it in the back of your mind that you’ll never fully see them play out. Although that is honestly just my opinion.


I predict that we see more of the princes, and we see their hidden ideal on how to win in the Dark Continent. At the end of the chapter we see how Gon gets involved.


Science Article:Brain: The negative always out ways the positive

Broken Heart

Recently, to most of my readers may not no, but have been wondering where I have been as of late, I have recently got into a real bad break up. Really broke me into pieces, and it really made me question who I am as a man, and what I can do better for the next one. So obviously when I do my daily science article to read I would pick the one about love, and how the brain picks its partner.

We as humans according to science tend to pick are partners, but always have a drawback to it because we always relate, and hold on to the negative aspect of our partners. When I think of this I think of myself, and I always saw myself as having several negative qualities, and yes my ex, I also saw her having many negative qualities, but I tend to think that I loved her so much that I overlooked them. However I am also different then most people when growing with depression I learn to see the good in everyone, or else the world would have eaten me alive years and years ago. While I’m in that awkward phase of trying to get out of this relationship hump, I have to realize that my brain will always hold on to the negative aspect for my partners, thus in turning I will eventually will have to learn to balance that out. However thus is life!

Thank you for reading, a little bit more depressing than usual, but eventually I will get over this. Thank you for listening.

Link to the Article:

Toriko 367: Knock on Wood

Toriko 367

Welcome back Toriko fans! Welcome to another review of Toriko. In this chapter were desperately at the end trying to hope that the knocking master isn’t taking out. The best Disciple shouldn’t go out just yet! Without further adieu!  let’s review!


The fight scenes in this chapter were amazing. Seeing Jirou just walk up so casually was to me the best scene. Jirou is a really laid back character, and I have always enjoyed his laid back cockiness he brings to the series. Which brings me to what I really loved was the emotion Jirou brought to the battle when he fought Acacia. When someone like Jirou barely ever takes anything seriously, look and yell at Acacia with such emotion then you know shit is about to go down. The tension this chapter brought was well detailed, and it made you want to cheer for Jirou, but at the same time feel the loss as Jirou was slowly going to meet his doom. The final technique with the knocking hitting Jirou was amazing, and it looked like an overpowered attack that someone on Acacia’s caliber would have.


While I am sad that Jirou is probably going to die, I have a hard time really feeling emotionally attach to this death. I feel that I would care more if maybe we had more character development, or a character relationship. We saw a little in the flashback years back but it was never fully developed. I also wish we would stick to one fight and see it to the end instead of going to the next event on a cliffhanger. I know it is a cheap attempt at suspense but honestly for fans it is annoying.


I’m predicting that next chapter Midora beats Joa, but Joa does something that looks like she’ll beat Midora. Pretty simple and basic but that is about it.

Until next time thank you for reading, and god bless!

One Piece 823: The World moves for the boy in the straw hat!

One Piece 823

Hello fans welcome back to another wonderful review of One Piece 823! I’m really enjoying this chapter because I freaking love Vivi and I’m so happy she is back. So without further ado, lets review!


I love world chapters after an arc ends. I love the straw hats but I remember how big the world really is when I see characters from hundreds of  chapters ago become relevant again. Added to the fact that I love when I see new characters with new designs who are only going to add to the massive world that is One Piece. The Alabasta cast for me was the best cast when it comes to Kingdoms in One Piece. Wapol is sweet nostalgic memory that I’m happy to see, and I feel people aren’t too hyped for. You feel like stuff is going to hit the fan when Khuera goes to reverie with Dalton.  Also Stelly is now the king of the Goa Kingdom! I love when Oda brings back characters we never knew would be important again! Also I must say I really like Carrot, I predicted she sneaked on he ship a mile away, but it was really wonderful to see her have a cute yet nasty personality. So far, she is much better than Pedro, who I have a hard time even liking because we didn’t get to know him at all.


Carrot reveal would have been better if we weren’t spoiled by in on the cover page a few weeks back.  While I like the massive world build that One Piece brings I have a feeling that every arc will be crammed like Dressrosa which is a bad thing. For example Luffy has division commanders and what, we only care about Bartolomeo and Cavendish? I really hope Oda paces this out much better! One last thing I have to bring up is that I hate that we are getting teased on the Dragon vs. Blackbeard thing going on. Now all the fanboys for Dragon are jumping off ship, and going to Blackbeard, and honestly all I can say is that there was never a freaking confrontation between the two I can almost guarantee.


I’m predicting that next chapter that we get a little flashback chapter to what happened during the Blackbeard and Dragon confrontation. Seeing how there was no fight, and Dragon was leaving the base anyways.

That is all for this reveiw, until next time god bless. 🙂