Toriko 368: Food Luck is the ultimate way not to get food poisoning.

Toriko 368

Hello! Welcome back to another Toriko review! This chapter we continue to learn why Food Luck is one of the worst abilities in the entire series. Again! Also God’s going to appear, so we’ll find out who’s food luck is more powerful between Komatsu, and Joa! So without further adieu, let’s review!


You have got to love the tension that was built up for this end game arc. Yeah Toriko, and friends usually always overcome everything, but you always felt that as long as Midora, and Jirou were around. The good guys were always safe. However at the end of this chapter we see how all the disciples are officially out of the picture now. Which brings to question, how are our hero’s going to overcome this obstacle? It makes you quite excited to read the next upcoming chapters because you really want to know. The howling from the Wolf King sent shivers down my spine because it felt like warning for me, basically saying that his son was down, and he feared the opponent that was coming. To see the gathering of all the 8 kings will be a wonderful sight to behold. ┬áIt also was exciting to see the demons just pop out of no where. Sent a message that the end goal was here.


If you are a usual follower of my blogs than you know I can’t stand the pacing of Toriko. Sometimes it goes really slow, and other times it moves extraordinarily fast. Midora was taken out way too soon. I felt it was too upsetting to see Midora get taken out like that. Midora is hyped to be the strongest disciple, and I wanted to see him do some major damage to the enemy camp. Added to the fact he lost to possibly the worst ability in the series.FOOD LUCK!? I mean really come on now, you’re talking about a guy who survived fights a with a king from a very young age, and a guy who dueled with disciple level fighters growing up, and you mean to tell me luck took him out? No! No! No! That is the worst fighting that I have seen in year. Midora deserved better than that, and we all know it.


I predict next chapter, we fight out God is actually a creature, and his power is about the equivalent to the 8 kings. Then our hero’s decide to go ahead and fight it, because why not?

I give this chapter a 6/10. It had some moments but ultimately it left me wishing for something more. Really wish Midora was handled better. Until next time!




Toriko 354: The definition of a curb stomp

guiness curb stomps

Hey welcome back guys, my first blog about the series Toriko, and the first chapter of 2016! Guiness really did put in some work today, and it reminds us all why we love the Toriko series, for it’s over the top feats!


The 8 kings really are the driving force of the series, the top tiers along with the disciples, and Don Slime. The feat was crazy, and it brought the excitement that Toriko normally brings when it comes to feats. The panels were well drawn, and it still continues to make us believe that the Toriko has much more room to expand as a verse that we can continue to explore. The techniques were cool.

Negatives- Really hard to feel the tension in the series where it seems like the kings can just stomp everything in their path. Also not enjoying the inner gourmet demons acting like stands. (See JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure for the reference.) Not enjoying the one shots either. I want to see one of the fights be a slug fest similar to Tommyroad vs. Toriko. Really hard not to have a tension of state belief with so many of these fights going on, and the planet has been destroyed yet.


All and all I give this chapter 6/10. It was an okay chapter, but it didn’t have much depth to the chapter, and while it has some cool feats, the story is moving at a snails paste, or really fast for my liking. So simple and short that it doesn’t have much to talk about at the dinner table! Thank you, and please comment and subscribe!