Bleach 671: The power of Miracles on Ice.

Bleach 671

Hello Bleach fans! Welcome back to another week of Bleach manga review. In this chapter, we learn the miracles don’t exist when it comes to random power ups! So without further adieu, lets review!


Well even though I was against the idea of Hitsugaya having a more powerful version of his Bankai just hidden away, I really do appreciate the design. Yes he looks like Ichigo, but it is not like Ichigo had a terrible design. I love the cockiness in Bleach characters from time to time, and I think Hitsugaya’s was the best so far. The ice powers in this form is pretty cool, and I had a huge grin on my face while reading the entire thing. I am also really happy that Hitsugaya wasn’t able to take him down by himself. He need help from Kenpachi, and looks like he’ll need assistance from a new and improve Byakuya. Makes this fight a great collab, despite it having many flaws.


I still don’t like the idea of the power up, but quite honestly I find this is the major flaw with Bleach fights. The term Bankai is a cop out to get you hyped for fights, and really it’s just one big power up that helps the user overcome his opponent. It is cheap concept that breaks the grounds for the two characters to have any real fight choreography, and it doesn’t involve much thought for the fight. It is really annoying because once you figure out this concept you have a hard time really enjoying any fight. While the fight looks pretty on the outside, it lacks any substance on the inside.


I predict that next chapter we see Byakuya finish off Gerald, but Gerald gets back up, only to be taken down by Byakuya’s power up.

I’ll rate this chapter a 7/10, really good chapter and it got me a little hyped, I am excited to see how this plays out. Hopefully it ends on a good note because the fight had some rocky moments.



Bleach 670: Kenpachi has more chill than Hitsugaya

Bleach 670

Hello Bleach fans welcome back! It has been a while, but I’m back to doing Bleach reviews, and I must say I love reading Bleach in bulk because it is better than reading it weekly. So without further adieu let’s review!


The fight so far is possibly my favorite fight in this arc. Probably my favorite fight since Mask. I love the choreography, and I love the scenes of the captains talking about how to take down Gerald. You truly feel that Gerald is a force to be reckon with, and you have no idea how the captains will take them down. I really like how they put restriction on Kenpachi’s bankai. I love powerful fighters, however, I like the fact Kenpachi can’t just master his Bankai to perfection like that. Adds some reality to it.


Hitsugaya has a bigger plot convenience than Ichigo if I’m going to just lay out the honesty. I should have known that if anyone was going to win this battle in popularity between the 3 captains it would always be Kubo’s number one. I have no qualms towards Hitsugaya, but honestly I hate how he took over Kenpachi’s spotlight for a power up that sounds so redundant that it basically just says ” I didn’t plan this, but I need the fans to be happy.” I really don’t like when authors do that to their story, and so far I am not hyped for Hitsugaya’s reveal.


I predict Hit’s does some cool stuff, but loses, and Byakuya unveils a new power-up.


I give this chapter a 5/10. It could have been handle much better honestly. Until next time, God Bless! 🙂


Bleach 661 and 662: You’re a God! And You’re a God! You’re Also a God.

Bleach 661

Welcome to a double edition of Bleach Reviews. Currently I’m a little behind on my reviews but I’m going back on track with Bleach. Although really in both these chapters we learned that everyone and their mother is a God somehow. Jesus… I’ll start with 661!


I for one am happy we don’t have to go through the fake drama of Ishida being Ichigo’s enemy. I feel that the plot has been done several hundred times, and honestly I think it’s just good that we dropped it off as is. Chad doing something useful for a change is great. Even if it’s fodder clean up duty. Really because Chad’s not going to beat any of the big players here, in fact I highly doubt current Chad could take a top 10 Espada from years ago. So good for you Chad!


It’s funny how the terms are thrown around in Bleach these days. He has omniscient power, or he’s omnipotent. If this were the case than the bad guys would have won the battle hundreds of chapters ago. A true Omnipotent character would never lose to the likes of Ichigo, or Kenpachi. Omnipotent characters are characters who basically control the entire universe, can even create or destroy the universe.If he truly knew Ishida was going to betray he would know it ahead of time, it doesn’t take time to tell to warm up true omnipotence, it’s already there. Terms like this are really redundant. So Chad is what? Omnipotent of Fodder Duty?

I rate this chapter a 5/10!

Bleach 662

There it goes another “God” term being thrown around. After a while the hype just goes away. Anyways that aside this chapter of Bleach was much better than the previous one above. Purely for story telling purposes, not the half naked woman above, nope definitely not because of that…


I love chapters with Urahara in it. I think he’s probably my favorite character, and I’ve been dying to see him in action for a while. To see him get hype like that among, Ichigo, Kenpachi, Hachibi, and Aizen was perfect for a fanboy like me. Yoriuchi will always be the best female in Bleach, and seeing her ultimate form was a sight to see for pure battle purpose wise. ( 😉 ) However I really wish we can move on from this fight because it’s boring me. Can’t take this guy seriously now knowing that Urahara would kick his ass to France and back. The humor in this chapter was typical Bleach humor which isn’t a bad thing.


The padding is so slow, and you know Kubo is just doing anything he can to prolong the series as much as he can. The fight for all intents and purposes should have ended about 3 chapters ago. Bleach fights are good but they take up half the year so it no longer matters.

I rate this chapter 7/10

Thanks for reading this super long review! And remember, YOU’RE A GOD TOO!



Bleach 660: Yes let’s say are master plan out loud to omniscient people.

Bleach 660

Welcome back to another Bleach review. In this chapter we learned that we’re going to announce our plans out loud to people who can see the future, and already know if it’s going to work or now.  I’m sorry but Yawch’s ability is too perfect in my honest opinion, and it’s making it harder for me to see the possibility in beating him in the series, but I’m sure Ichigo will find a way.

Positives: I always really like the interactions between Ishida, and Ichigo. I’ve always wanted the relationship to develop, and the rivalry to get better because I really believe that the two characters are really the same coin. That had similar backstories, and both really hated each other from the get go. It’s also nice to see how their friendship got this strong. Really makes it seem funny that Chad was just completely left out of this little rivalry because there is no way he can catch up. Really like how tense the series lately, it’s Bleach so we know how the series is going to end, but still I don’t even know how the Yawch will be defeated. Which is enjoyable because it keeps me interested in the series, which Bleach has a hard time doing.

Negatives- With that being said, it also makes some of the situations hard to digest. I don’t see their being a way that Ichigo or Ishida can conceivably win against Hashawalch. He see’s the future, and he knows what Ishida’s plans are with the sun bombs he planted. It makes me wonder what he doesn’t just kill them now instead of just playing with them. Makes most scenerios in this series hard to digest because I can’t see a way for the bad guys to lose without some serious PIS/CIS. This is Kubo so I expect him to come up with some equally ridiculous ways for the gang to win.

All and All I give this chapter a 7/10. It was a good chapter. I enjoyed the exchange between the two characters, and I really excited to see how this plays out, but please for the love of Kubo make it something believable.

Bleach 659: I’m pretty sure doctors get paid more

Bleach 659

Welcome to my first Bleach review! With the revival of Hitsuguya we learn that Gerald’s miracles don’t really work, because he’s the only character we really wanted dead! *Crickets* anyways time to get this started!


I’m one of the rare people you see in this world that actually like Ishida, but his little past that was revealed in this chapter was really morbid, and made me respect him a little more as a character. Hitsuguya’s banter with Gerald was pretty fun to read, and I’m interested to see how, again, after losing to a bottom ranking member, he somehow beats a top ranking Sternritter. Is there enough quincy around to match up to all the possible people? I’m not sure everyone got a fight. The pacing was a bit better than normal Bleach chapters.


Really hoping we start moving on, because I don’t think there are enemies left, and I don’t think we really need to drag on the ending any longer than we have too. Chapters like these have good content, but we need to pick this up into high gear. The end of the chapter I didn’t really care about because I figure Ishida and Ichigo aren’t going to go at it. If anything from the looks of their face it looked like long lost lovers found each other. Also not a fan of characters who are supposed to be dead, are alive. Gerald also seems like a wannabe Yammy, which we know will never happen.


That’s all for this chapter. I predict next chapter has a little chit chat between our star crossed lovers, and then we go back to Gerald vs. Hits, and Hits making Gerald unlock his true form to end next chapter, but chapters rarely end like that in Bleach. I rate this chapter 6/10, decent.

(When it comes to Bleach, I’m very bad with spelling names!)