Hunter x Hunter 351: Looks like Chrollo gots his hands on an early release of Pokemon Sun and Moon!

Hunter x Hunter 351

Hello Hunter x Hunter hands, you know this is a good week because there was no Hiatus after one chapter!  Jokes aside this chapter was a big surprise for me because it was so random that something all Hunter x Hunter fans wanted to see, and we wake up to Chrollo vs. Hisoka which is amazing! So without further Adieu, lets review!


I love Hunter x Hunter fights. For the one reason you have to use your brain to truly understand the creativeness in them. I knew Hisoka and Chrollo wasn’t going to be a brawl that was just going to happen over time. I knew that Hisoka who’s skill set is not as diverse has Chrollo’s set.  So he has to be on constant alert for something new to happen, and will have to find a way to fight Chrollo with his nen. Chrollo has a different problem, he has to find the right ability that would be a perfect counter to Hisoka, and he has to use it to make sure Hisoka can’t figure it out. When Chrollo purposed a fight to the death with Chrollo, it was getting my heart pumped. I love both characters, and I really don’t want to see one die, however if Chrollo dies, it makes room for Hisoka to grow. If Hisoka dies then Chrollo will not grow as much because Hisoka was not his main ideal. This is good character arc because whoever wins has a door open that opens a plethora of opportunities.  The art in this was nice, and it shows that maybe Togashi is taking this seriously.


While I love the chapter, it’s run by pure fanboy adrenaline. You take a plot line that fans have been wanting for years, and all of a sudden just throw it into our face. I wanted to see the process of the fight being led up too. I wanted the hype to be build up, I wanted to see every moment before hand. Now all of a sudden I’m watching a fight that, I always wanted, and I didn’t know any of the history before it. It’s like I worked so hard for something, but in the middle of working hard it was just given to me. Makes me question why did I work so hard. I know it’s not the best complaint but it still works.


I predict next chapter the fight gets intense, but it ends with some questionable visitor.

I rate this chapter an 8.5/10. You have got to love Hunter x Hunter. Well until next time, God Bless!



Hunter x Hunter 350: After a long Hiatus, Biscuit is finally back!

Hunter x Hunter 350

Hello! New fans, my name is Dragonics for those of you who don’t know, and I normally do manga reviews for my favorite ongoing series! Today I’m going to do a review on a widely popular ongoing series Dragon Quest……um I mean Hunter x Hunter, so without further adieu lets review!


I love Hunter x Hunter, and I’m really excited that it is back into action. One of the best parts of Hunter x Hunter is the dialog heave chapters that explain so much of what is going on. You really can’t miss a beat when reading it. It brings life to the situation, and it raises the stakes, and all the characters have their own appeal to the story. I love how they used Kurapica’s logic to pick his prince, but and thrown right back at him when the prince reveals who he really is! Nice short twist that you expect from a series like Hunter x Hunter! The art was drawn really nice, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series has.


While the chapter wasn’t bad, it wasn’t a chapter that I was craving after another long Hiatus from HxH. I was wanting something to do more with the actual traveling to the Dark Continent. It is hard to really appreciate some of these set up chapters, when you have it in the back of your mind that you’ll never fully see them play out. Although that is honestly just my opinion.


I predict that we see more of the princes, and we see their hidden ideal on how to win in the Dark Continent. At the end of the chapter we see how Gon gets involved.