One Piece 821: An Elephant never forgets

One Piece 821

Welcome Back One Piece fans I know it has been a long long time, but I am back. This time I’m going to start off with an article about Elephants! Without further ado lets review!


One Piece is possibly in one its prime moments. Zou has been nothing but star packed information, character development, and action that makes the One Piece fans salivate for what One Piece used to be preskip. One amazing rides! While part two has been nothing but peaks and valleys, Zou reminds us what we were promised back at the beginning of part two, Adventure. I’m really liking the VOAT ability that at first I was upset because I thought only Luffy, and Roger had it, but finding out Momo had it, and can control creatures with it makes me realize that Luffy isn’t the chosen one that I fear him being. The double page with Zou attacking was breathtaking, and it makes me wonder if this really is just a transition arc. Even though it’s a transition arc, it is still leaps and bounds better than Dressrosa.


I personally didn’t like how Jack was taken down. I want the Calamities to be much more than just the suites in Do flamingo’s crew, I want them to be real powerhouses, and not just hype tools. I get it Jack couldn’t beat Zou on sea or possibly even land, but that still shouldn’t have used Jack as just a hyped tool! Jack should have somehow escaped the swing if anything, and not be used for a worthless cool moment.

I give this chapter an 8/10 nice climax to an arc that brought joy back to One Piece after many years!



One Piece 818:After 818 chapters, our first clue to get to Raftel!

One Piece 818

Welcome back One Piece fans, and welcome to another exciting if not one of the most important chapters possibly in One Piece history! With my new schedule I can now do the blogs on time, and without further ado! Let’s do review!


Where to start with this freaking amazing chapter. First lets have a shout-out to Oda for not totally teasing us throughout the entire chapter! I love how he set up two possible routes to get excited for! One is Big Mom’s tea party, and we all want to go and see Sanji and Jimbei, and also want to see Daddy Vinsmoke, and see what the hell Big Mom is up too. This arc would have the possibility of madness because we have no idea what will go right, or what will go wrong at the tea party. Plus Sanji’s backstory will be further expounded on. Get to see Jimbei’s poneglyph, and hopefully get to see a little bit of Big Mom and her crew’s dynamic. So many possibilities alone you can’t help but be excited for the Tea Par….well hello Wanokuni! This arc has just as many possibilities as you have Kaidou, and his crews dynamic. The Samurai’s plot. A possible Mink vs Samurai war. Huge reveals relative to the history of the world, and new secrets to Raftel. Some Zoro development. So many things going on that I am excited for both arcs! Now back to the chapter I’m surprised that Momo’s father is so important. I knew being a lord was going to give this man some power, but having direct ties to the poneglyphs, and being apart of Roger’s crew? How amazing was this guy? Shogun and Kaidou formed an alliance?  Why? When? What does Wano have to gain from Kaidou and vice versa? Finally my favorite part about this chapter was the reveal that the 4 road poneglyphs will lead you to the One Piece! For years we have all been wondering where the hell is One Piece, and what is stopping people from getting to it? Well now we know that you need 4 road poneglyph to get to the island that everyone wants to get to. To make matters worse, Kaidou, and Big Mom each have their own poneglyph. So that means in order to get to Raftel, our heros will have to face both Big Mom and Kaidou sometime soon just to get the hints. Even though if they get the stones, other pirates will be going after the SH’s. To make matters even better we do not know where the 4th one is! Does the World Government have it? Does some secret organization have it like Germa 66, and that is why they are aligning themselves with Big Mom? This chapter answered many questions, but it also raised so many. This chapter was only made better by the happinest of Luffy that his goal has a clear path insight for him. We care about the Mink, Sanji, the Samurai, so all future plot holes that are opened up we care about!


I wish that Robin was the one that gave us most of this information since she just got done decoding it. Maybe next time since we have the basic information needed!


I give this chapter a 9/10! Excellent! The only thing that would make this chapter better if there was some kind of big ass feat performed.Then it would have been a perfect 10/10. This chapter have characterization, world building, plot moving. Everything you want in a series especially a series as beloved as One Piece. Until next time!

One Piece Chapter 805: RIP SWIRLYHAT Pirates. (I’m back to doing blogs)

One Piece 805

Welcome back to Dragonics Blog space fellow manga fans. I took a long month break because I had to get a good head start of my fall semester in college, and now that November has come around, and I’m doing good in my grades I hope I can continue doing two blogs a day for the rest of November. Thank you for being so patient with me. 🙂

One Piece chapter 805 starts off where we left off last chapter where Zoro got:

Funny One Piece 805 pic

However that was last week, so let’s hop over to this week.

Positive Breakdown

I really like we are hitting this arc with a good sense of humor, tensity, and mystery to it. Dressrosa also started off with this, but as we know it lasted way too long to actually maintain it. However from the feeling I get from the past two chapters is that Oda does not plan on this being a long arc. I really feel like Oda’s editors are really going to try to reign him in, and make sure he hurries with these arcs so it doesn’t lose momentum as go along with this arc. The minkman tribe are already off to a good start as a race, (Dwarves also had a good start, but ended with Kabuto, and Leo as the only memorable one.)

I’m really excited to see who this Jack fellow is, but do I fall into the hype? I’m not convinced yet that he’s this huge threat that we have to worry about anytime soon, but the massive footprint makes me hope that he is a giant Mammoth like I really wanted to see in One Piece.

Really excited to see Sanji and the crew but then it brings me too…

Negative Rants:

I have a really hard time buying into the hype and the tension that something really bad happened to Sanji and the Crew, and it happened off panel. I’m not liking that their journey is being off paneled left and right. First it was their escape from Big Mom, now it’s their “suppose” demise from this Jack fellow? Its not that I’m not buying the tension, it’s just that I’m not even checking the price tag. Show us Sanji, and the crew already dammit?

Also while I love the prospect of Jack, I don’t see him as a legitiment threat, and it’s going to be really hard for me to really think that Jack is suppose to be a legit tier villain like Doflamingo. Actually I would be happy if he was a Vergo level threat, seeing as how Vergo’s peers were a waste of space.

Ratings and Final Thoughts:

I rate this chapter fodder Zoro/10 (7/10)

Nice exposition chapter, and it makes me look foward to the next couple chapters Zou has to bring us, however it’s going to take a while for Oda to bring in a chapter that makes me jittery with nerves of excitement for if he wants me to really want another amazing chapter.

Predictions for next week:

I predict seeing a group of lifeless SH’s, but only lifeless because Brooke’s DF ability has the ability to do that.

Also :

Funny One Piece 805 pic

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