One Piece 846: Breaking Promises


Hey welcome back One Piece fans, this chapter was really worth all the build up we’ve been getting for the past several weeks. We’re getting tension that for a while we haven’t been getting, and I feel that after this week nothing but spectacular chapters will be had because it is nothing but build up to the climax. This chapter we Big Mom literally just breeds fighters, and that broken promises are almost guaranteed in the upcoming chapters. Without further adieu lets review.

Positive: I know I am in the majority when I say this, but Luffy losing was the best thing that could possibly happen to this arc, and series. Luffy has this tendency to really always make through with his promises, and him breaking, and losing this one will really make his character. To learn how he can’t just shout, and say childish things in an hopeless situation. Luffy put his crew endangered and didn’t think about fighting Big Mom’s crew all by himself, while barely surviving and encounter with Cracker. A commander who would have beat him if it wasn’t for help, and he simply can’t always come through on his promises, for it is not realistic in the series standard that we live up too. I also think it is important for Sanji’s development for he knows the damage that his friends are causing, and he can’t trust Big Mom. Which I love Big Mom’s hat, and how it goes along with her emotion every time she moves, and has a slight facial change.


It’s nice to see more information about the poneglyphs, and it’ll be interesting to see how Brooke, and Pedro get one considering they have to overcome the a commander even stronger than Cracker. Smoothie I’m going to guess her powers have to do with blood, and she drinks it like smoothie. Cause for the life of me I can’t understand how to drain the liquid out of someone, and make it smoothie related. Plus a top tier fighter really shouldn’t have a lame power like smoothie. Although, I say that and Cracker’s power is literally just creating biscuits. The final panel, with Brooke, and Pedro is just honestly the greatest thing that has even happened in this arc.  I love the powers, my favorite panel is the one in the header where Luffy get’s walloped. That’s just a good ol’ fashion beatdown honestly.  Monte’Dur’s book power needs to have its own chapters dedicated to it because quite honestly it’s so broken, and amazing that to be wasted on one or two panels is a waste of potential.

Negatives: Is Sanji really being so naive and believing the bargain Big Mom is making with him? I mean seriously Big Mom wants Luffy dead! One of the main reasons she is holding this Tea Party is to kill Luffy, and he thinks she’s just going to let him walk away freely? Even after Luffy waged war against her, and sent her a bomb? Not happening. I also hate that we see Nami’s lightning off-paneled, and we don’t get to see it. I really think that would have been a great moment for her, but we skip it instead to see Luffy getting walloped (which in itself was amazing.)  Sometimes I hate the slow pacing that One Piece has, but would love for it to slow down. A nice chapter dedicated to just this fight would have been nice.


Predictions: Next week, I predict Pedro will do some cool spy stuff, and run into Baron Tamago where we leave off with a potential fight, while Luffy meets Big Mom for the first time.


I give this chapter 9/10, it was almost perfect, the only thing missing for me was really I wanted to see Jimbei, and when it has been so long since I’ve seen him I tend to go into biased fanboy mode! Until next week!


One Piece 830: A Russian Roulette were everyone wins!

One Piece 830

Welcome back One Piece fans. I know it has been a while, but after a couple months of soul searching, and a little depression, I have finally gotten the will to go back and do my reviews! I know I missed a ton a content to recover, but it is better late than never. So without further adieu lets review!


This arc has been going good, and flowing with the good pace that Zou was moving at. I love when Oda expands on details, but I love how he’s not shoving down every detail under our throat. I think this can be his biggest downfall, but also his biggest strength. He’s building tension early in the arc already when it comes to Jimbei, and his meeting with Big Mom. Already, and established loved character besides Sanji we are attached too, and it makes us aware of how crazy, and a threat Big Mom is away from her title of Yonkou. Totland is a wonderful colorful place that has all the races, it just makes One Piece’s world building huge, and it makes me really appreciate the world that I am really built into. A world that I invested in heavily so it’s much appreciated that he works just as hard on it.  Big Mom is already proving to be a formidable antagonist, and it makes me much more excited to see how she reacts to Luffy.  Jimbei’s interaction with his crew was something that I really wanted to see do to their history with humans. I think it was quite heartwarming that they’ll let Jimbei do what he wants cause he always puts his life on the line for the others. Jimbei is such a great character, and he is only going to add more to the story as he joins the Straw-hat crew.


I can tell that most of Big Mom’s daughters are going to be annoying. I think it will be because they instantly build a bond and dedication to the male that they are betrothed to.  Aladdin’s wife was too me very annoying, and very creepy looking, and I know it was drawn to be a comedic scene, but I can’t help but not care because I really don’t have a connection to Aladdin, nor the other fish man. (Call it PTSD from the Fishman Island arc.)  Maybe if Oda spent more time dedicating time to showcasing Aladdin’s personality I would have cared more, but for now it didn’t sit right, and I already got a feeling that Big Mom’s daughters will fall for anyone Momma picks.  Pedro’s story is interesting, but I was hoping he was going to be a spy for Kaidou, and it was more interesting than that. It just seems he’s following Luffy because he has something to prove to himself, and which is respectable, it is quite annoying to me. At first before predicting being a Kaidou spy, I was hoping he was a lone wolf type, and only did things for himself, but I guess it’s not going to go down that way, and it brings me to find annoyance in a series where everyone and their mother will get on their knees for Luffy. One Piece has good tension, but when everyone goes to Luffy eventually it just goes down dramatically.


It is simple, the board is alive, and it always lands on the person losing their head. Jimbei knows this, and barely survives while escaping. Meanwhile the area that was suppose to be unguarded according to Nami, is actually the most guarded, and when the Straw hats land and see Jimbei they’ll be ambushed by Big Mom’s warriors. They find out Pudding really was a spy.  Is it predictable writing, or is it not?

I rate this chapter a 7/10. Really good chapter of exposition, and it will make the climax more satisfying when we get to it.

One Piece 815: Luffy wants to be king of the Wedding Crashers

One Piece 815

Welcome back to another week of One Piece reviews! Today we are reviewing a chapter where Luffy secretly wants to be a wedding crasher! Also the adults can’t stay up past 9 to make sure two samurais come in and mess everything off.


One of the things I love about One Piece is the innocence of the main character in a world where not everything is so innocent, and even after everything he’s been through he still silly and stupid, and provides humor in the series. Sanji’s going to get married, has to go after being threatened to have his love ones killed. Yet Luffy finds the simplest and purest answers to solve all their problems. By joining his crew.  Right when you think Luffy doesn’t know the circumstances of his actions he then proceeds to volunteer to go by himself to go save Sanji, and make sure his crew stays safe. Luffy’s a good leader no matter how dumb he is sometimes. Another thing I like about the chapter was the SH’s interactions. The series is at it’s best when the SH’s are together. Luffy’s and Zoro’s interaction had me rolling. I was laughing even harder when Nekomumashi crashed, ends up bleeding all over the place with Chopper freaking out, Luffy dancing on Neko, and Zoro threatening to kill him. One Piece humor has been on point the past couple of weeks.  Seeing Luffy and Law talk to each other as equals is always appealing for the future Roger, and Whitebeard! Plus there is actual tension in the arc now with the Samurai’s coming in because on top of everything else, we now have a new problem arise! The information on the first page of the chapter gets me hyped as all hell. Germa 66 sounds like a brilliant new fraction in the One Piece world. Are these 66 powerful assassins? Also mad hype for Sanji’s dad, do you guys believe he’s a powerful fighter? And if you do, what about his Brothers?


This chapter didn’t have much, but a few quips. While Impel Down, and Marineford were good arcs for the series. I’m not down for another Luffy solo arc. I want the SH’s to stick together because the series is better when it is about them. I understand I this point in the series the story is crowded, but doesn’t mean we have to neglect our favorite pirate crew! Please Oda at the very lease, split it up, but with Brooke, Chopper, and Nami. I feel that Law’s crew is very underwhelming, I was hoping that they would be much better looking in design for an important pirate captain as Law. Hoping that in the upcoming chapters I’m proven wrong, but at the end of the day the SH’s are more unique than most pirates. The last but not least plot really ruined the awesomeness of this chapter at the end with the “Adults” failing to do something they set out to do. You’re telling me not one of them could stay up and have a rotate system? Franky and Brooke I expect to mess up, but Robin? Although, I’m liking that Robin is turning more into a SH as time passes. Let this be a lesson, Three ways after parties aren’t not the best thing to do…..but let’s face it Brooke x Franky x Robin is practically confirmed now. I also wish that they would have probe more into the Germa 66 army that Sanji’s father runs.

All in all I rate this chapter 8/10. I’m very much liking the way One Piece is going, and I think the series is going on the right path, and not the muddy way it was going in Dressrosa. Next week I predict Luffy learns what Weddings are because something tells me he doesn’t really know. Until next week. 🙂