Toriko 368: Food Luck is the ultimate way not to get food poisoning.

Toriko 368

Hello! Welcome back to another Toriko review! This chapter we continue to learn why Food Luck is one of the worst abilities in the entire series. Again! Also God’s going to appear, so we’ll find out who’s food luck is more powerful between Komatsu, and Joa! So without further adieu, let’s review!


You have got to love the tension that was built up for this end game arc. Yeah Toriko, and friends usually always overcome everything, but you always felt that as long as Midora, and Jirou were around. The good guys were always safe. However at the end of this chapter we see how all the disciples are officially out of the picture now. Which brings to question, how are our hero’s going to overcome this obstacle? It makes you quite excited to read the next upcoming chapters because you really want to know. The howling from the Wolf King sent shivers down my spine because it felt like warning for me, basically saying that his son was down, and he feared the opponent that was coming. To see the gathering of all the 8 kings will be a wonderful sight to behold.  It also was exciting to see the demons just pop out of no where. Sent a message that the end goal was here.


If you are a usual follower of my blogs than you know I can’t stand the pacing of Toriko. Sometimes it goes really slow, and other times it moves extraordinarily fast. Midora was taken out way too soon. I felt it was too upsetting to see Midora get taken out like that. Midora is hyped to be the strongest disciple, and I wanted to see him do some major damage to the enemy camp. Added to the fact he lost to possibly the worst ability in the series.FOOD LUCK!? I mean really come on now, you’re talking about a guy who survived fights a with a king from a very young age, and a guy who dueled with disciple level fighters growing up, and you mean to tell me luck took him out? No! No! No! That is the worst fighting that I have seen in year. Midora deserved better than that, and we all know it.


I predict next chapter, we fight out God is actually a creature, and his power is about the equivalent to the 8 kings. Then our hero’s decide to go ahead and fight it, because why not?

I give this chapter a 6/10. It had some moments but ultimately it left me wishing for something more. Really wish Midora was handled better. Until next time!




Toriko 367: Knock on Wood

Toriko 367

Welcome back Toriko fans! Welcome to another review of Toriko. In this chapter were desperately at the end trying to hope that the knocking master isn’t taking out. The best Disciple shouldn’t go out just yet! Without further adieu!  let’s review!


The fight scenes in this chapter were amazing. Seeing Jirou just walk up so casually was to me the best scene. Jirou is a really laid back character, and I have always enjoyed his laid back cockiness he brings to the series. Which brings me to what I really loved was the emotion Jirou brought to the battle when he fought Acacia. When someone like Jirou barely ever takes anything seriously, look and yell at Acacia with such emotion then you know shit is about to go down. The tension this chapter brought was well detailed, and it made you want to cheer for Jirou, but at the same time feel the loss as Jirou was slowly going to meet his doom. The final technique with the knocking hitting Jirou was amazing, and it looked like an overpowered attack that someone on Acacia’s caliber would have.


While I am sad that Jirou is probably going to die, I have a hard time really feeling emotionally attach to this death. I feel that I would care more if maybe we had more character development, or a character relationship. We saw a little in the flashback years back but it was never fully developed. I also wish we would stick to one fight and see it to the end instead of going to the next event on a cliffhanger. I know it is a cheap attempt at suspense but honestly for fans it is annoying.


I’m predicting that next chapter Midora beats Joa, but Joa does something that looks like she’ll beat Midora. Pretty simple and basic but that is about it.

Until next time thank you for reading, and god bless!

Toriko 361: Can Openers > Toriko

Toriko 361

Welcome back to another chapter of Toriko! Today we learned that your mothers can opener, is more powerful than continental destroying beings! Way to go powerscaling! Without further redo, lets review!


It was nice to see the hype for the demons. It was due, and given time we see the limitless potential for the 4 heavenly kings! I’m also likeing the humor with the eating everything around. Another is so powerful it basically makes anything a walking powerup for your gourmet cells. Also thought it was really well drawn with Coco’s demon. However…


Did we really offpanel one of Toriko’s full courses? Seriously why would we do that he’s not just an important character, he is the freaking main character?  Why do they need a can opener to open the dish? Toriko literally just got done cutting a continent! It seems stupid honestly. Also why didn’t we talk about Starjyuun’s demon? He’s there, and it is powerful. Seems like a waste not to talk about his. I don’t know if the pacing from the past couple of chapters made me upset with the series. However I just can’t stand the series pacing. Please this arc, spread it out. So everything that comes in can be less poppycock, and more well story driven. Granted Toriko’s never been amazing about its story but still. Stop cutting out story elements, and just slapping them in to cover the plot holes please!

I give this chapter a 6/10. It would have been higher if it wasn’t revealed we skipped over the main characters goal! Please if the series is ending, please let the last arc be stretched out!



Toriko 360 Don Slime > Madara, and Fujitora

Toriko 360

Hello! Toriko fans welcome back, I know I missed last week with the awesome flashback, but now I’m back now to do this Toriko chapter!


The battle between Don Slime, and Neo is really going good so far from what we have seen. The meteor going down was one of those epic Toriko moments that you don’t want to end. Another planet busting techniques are usually cool, and I can’t wait to see a planet actually get destroyed on panel!


I honestly don’t like that we are rushing every single chapter makes the story any interesting. We are skipping around every fight and character development, and plot point that I didn’t even care about the Kings eating their dream ingredients. It would have been much more satisfying if we saw them get the food, but nope it is more of a slap to the face than anything else. I’ve never been a fan of Komatsu having everything coming to him. Oh come to a continent with thousands of Islands that you have to search through, no problem I see Toriko right there? The adventure in the series no longer there, and I understand Toriko isn’t that popular in Japan. However it will never be if it keeps going like this.


I give this chapter a 4/10. not satisfying for me, and I hope that the pacing slows down pretty soon. Next week I predict a single page of fights, and then back to characters we are suppose to care about.



Toriko 357: If you can’t make Friends, blame it on the creepiness

Toriko 357

Welcome back to another wonderful blog for Toriko. Hope you guys enjoyed the creepiness as much as I did, because boy did I….like it?


This chapter is one of those classic Toriko chapters that you want more of. The world building, or should I say galaxy building was amazing. I love when we explores worlds, and areas that we don’t normally get to see. Seeing that their are other worlds out their with powerful creatures opens up plenty of opportunities for future adventures in the human world when the Gourmet World is done. Cooking planets sounds really silly when you think about it, but when it comes to Toriko it’s go big or go home.  As for the main bulk of the chapter Neo is just really creepy and ugly looking. Which among demons, he was the outcast that no one liked. At first I was thinking they were going to play the outcast villain card but no. Neo never cared if he was the outcast, he wanted to be left stranded so he can have all the food to himself.  He’s pretty much Galactus’s smaller, and uglier brother.  The creepiness this chapter brought I really enjoyed because it had a eerie feel to it. I felt disgusted by Neo, and when he hunted down the creature to install true fear was probably one of the best written moments in Toriko. Much better improvement than last week.


Not really anything negative to say about this chapter, I wish we saw more of the cooking process instead of just talking about it. I really hope after Neo we have a flashback for the previous king’s flashbacks.


All in all I give this chapter an 8/10. Really good Toriko chapter, which Toriko usually has of. Next week I predict our first official planet busting feat in Toriko, from Neo. Until next time. 🙂

Toriko 356: The pacing is just horrendous

Toriko 356

Welcome back to another wonderful review of Toriko 356. Let me just say I’m hating the pacing of current Toriko. It’s really gotten to the point where it’s not fun that we off paneled the dream ingredients for the main characters of the series, just so we can get to some cool flashy fight scenes!

Positives: For me the best part of Toriko is the world surrounding it. The wonderful ideas, and places that we get to see. The cave where time is 200,000 times faster than normal was a great idea, that I wanted to see how they over come it. Jirou’s face at the end was cool, and how the chapter ends makes me excited that I want to see the next chapter. However.


What is up with this pacing? Three cool potential small arcs, with world building was skipped so we can get to some cool flashy fight scenes? I know Toriko has great fights. However it has an even better world out there that I want to explore. The GW was hyped to be something wonderful to explore, but here we are skipping the major sections of the GW. It makes me as a reader who invested his time in the series disappointing because now it skipped places and events I wanted to see with the characters I invested my own time into.

I give this 5/10 because the pacing just really killed all enjoyment I could possibly have.


Toriko 355-EOS Toriko will have 700 million Demons.

Toriko 355

Welcome back to the another exciting chapter of Toriko. Today we learned that the olfactory sense isn’t the most useless thing to surviving! Also that Toriko still hasn’t learned he can’t fight a king!


As per usual the hype for Toriko is on point, and the continental splitting attack was on point. The abilities of the Wolf King continues to make it amazing. The Jirou hype was also really fun because anything with Jirou is just epic. Makes me miss Jirou, yes let’s go back to him please.


It seems like the fights in Toriko are all about, my attacks are bigger than yours! Really wish we would have more choreography in the fights. Hype attacks are cool, but it is really hard to appreciate them because it’s every chapter. Toriko having three demons is really stupid. Especially because we still haven’t gotten development for two of them.  Also never am I big fan of off paneling events. So not seeing the interactions of Zebra, and Buranch ticks me off because it was the one group I really wanted to see.


Overall I rate this chapter an 7/10. It was good, but it left several things to be desired to be a good chapter. I predict next chapter more flashbacks of small tidbits of information that was skipped over.