One Piece 846: Breaking Promises


Hey welcome back One Piece fans, this chapter was really worth all the build up we’ve been getting for the past several weeks. We’re getting tension that for a while we haven’t been getting, and I feel that after this week nothing but spectacular chapters will be had because it is nothing but build up to the climax. This chapter we Big Mom literally just breeds fighters, and that broken promises are almost guaranteed in the upcoming chapters. Without further adieu lets review.

Positive: I know I am in the majority when I say this, but Luffy losing was the best thing that could possibly happen to this arc, and series. Luffy has this tendency to really always make through with his promises, and him breaking, and losing this one will really make his character. To learn how he can’t just shout, and say childish things in an hopeless situation. Luffy put his crew endangered and didn’t think about fighting Big Mom’s crew all by himself, while barely surviving and encounter with Cracker. A commander who would have beat him if it wasn’t for help, and he simply can’t always come through on his promises, for it is not realistic in the series standard that we live up too. I also think it is important for Sanji’s development for he knows the damage that his friends are causing, and he can’t trust Big Mom. Which I love Big Mom’s hat, and how it goes along with her emotion every time she moves, and has a slight facial change.


It’s nice to see more information about the poneglyphs, and it’ll be interesting to see how Brooke, and Pedro get one considering they have to overcome the a commander even stronger than Cracker. Smoothie I’m going to guess her powers have to do with blood, and she drinks it like smoothie. Cause for the life of me I can’t understand how to drain the liquid out of someone, and make it smoothie related. Plus a top tier fighter really shouldn’t have a lame power like smoothie. Although, I say that and Cracker’s power is literally just creating biscuits. The final panel, with Brooke, and Pedro is just honestly the greatest thing that has even happened in this arc.  I love the powers, my favorite panel is the one in the header where Luffy get’s walloped. That’s just a good ol’ fashion beatdown honestly.  Monte’Dur’s book power needs to have its own chapters dedicated to it because quite honestly it’s so broken, and amazing that to be wasted on one or two panels is a waste of potential.

Negatives: Is Sanji really being so naive and believing the bargain Big Mom is making with him? I mean seriously Big Mom wants Luffy dead! One of the main reasons she is holding this Tea Party is to kill Luffy, and he thinks she’s just going to let him walk away freely? Even after Luffy waged war against her, and sent her a bomb? Not happening. I also hate that we see Nami’s lightning off-paneled, and we don’t get to see it. I really think that would have been a great moment for her, but we skip it instead to see Luffy getting walloped (which in itself was amazing.)  Sometimes I hate the slow pacing that One Piece has, but would love for it to slow down. A nice chapter dedicated to just this fight would have been nice.


Predictions: Next week, I predict Pedro will do some cool spy stuff, and run into Baron Tamago where we leave off with a potential fight, while Luffy meets Big Mom for the first time.


I give this chapter 9/10, it was almost perfect, the only thing missing for me was really I wanted to see Jimbei, and when it has been so long since I’ve seen him I tend to go into biased fanboy mode! Until next week!


Does your voice matter? (My education assignment!)

Hey students! Welcome to my blog! The reason why I had you all come here is because I wanted you to see the power of a written word on a global scale! Many of you use social media, and believe that really only your friends see it, and not much really matters what you put on your online information. However I’m going to prove to you how vast the internet is.

You remember that Beowulf project we had to do last week? Well this week I want you to write a 500 word review on the whole story, but this time I want you to blog it here on wordpress under your own free domain. I want you to put your own thoughts and writing out there on the whole world wide web. For safety reason I will want you to put it under a different name than your own, and use a different email and imaginary information for this blog.

When you publish the blog, I want you to wait a week. After a week has passed I want you to print me all the statistics for said blog. I want to know how many people looked at your blog. I want to know if someone else shared it, I want to know which country looked at your blog the most. Now I’m not expecting any groundbreaking numbers, but once you share it and press it, it will have some decent amount of readers. I want you to see how fast your blog travels across the internet, and I want you to see how now your opinion on a very popular read is read.

After taking the statistics, a 200-300 word piece in your own opinion about blogs, and social media and what this blog site showed you would need to be turned it with the statistics.

Now start blogging!