Dragon Ball Super # 3- DON’T TOUCH MY PANTIES!!!

Dragon Ball Super 03

Basically Vegeta you can beat his kid, you can destroy his entire race, and beat his dad, but never, never punch his panties…I mean Bulma. This chapter of Dragon Ball Super #3 was ok, I’m not really a big fan of just retelling the BoG, and RoF story, but if it clears a couple of plot holes those two movies had I’m all for it. Also Vegeta action is always a welcome for any Dragon Ball fan.  However at the end of the day it is already something we have already seen, so it didn’t really catch my eye. However Champa, and female Whiss did. I love the fact that we are travelling through different universes, and exploring other Gods, and Kais. Really makes me think of old school Dragon Ball, you know where everything wasn’t one hundred % serious, and characters were relevant even if they weren’t powerful. This chapter gets an 8/10 for me.

Positives +

+ Beerus’s face when Vegeta ki blast him to the sky. LMFAO

+ Nice to see they’re trying to mix humor in with action in this chapter. I really love old school Dragon Ball, so naturally I was a big fan of the Buu saga.  Glad they’re trying to keep that in check.

+ It seems Gohan’s and Buu’s beat down wasn’t as bad as it was in the movie, while I don’t care how bad Buu’s beat down was, Gohan’s less severe beating doesn’t bring up plot holes like it did in the movie.

+ Goku actually seeing the consequences of his actions was nice, something he’s never done in the old series.

+ Namek is mentioned? It’ll be nice to see how they’re doing.

+ Champa is a boss, and his gag of sniffing, and nose puns is quite funny. Wonder how he compares to Beerus in power.

+ Mention of universe 6 is great, brings in great possibilities of different realities that was persuaded too in the cell saga.

+ Really want to see the new Kai.


  • Don’t really want to read basically the same stuff I’ve known about.
  • It seems everyone lost their fighting spirit. What happened to the Z fighters that constantly fought losing battles just because they had to try? It seems everyone gave up on Beerus, granted I knew they didn’t have a chance but why not at least try?

While there was only two negatives in this chapter, it really was a great chapter. I’m more, and more excited every chapter, and I really want to see how they deal with the Champa situation, and the new super Dragon Balls, and I want to see universe 6. Next chapter I predict SSG Goku, and I also predict Champa interaction on planet Namek.

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One Piece # 797- Even Rebecca wants to get out of Dressrosa

One Piece 797

What can I say about this chapter more than I probably would have cared about it more, if I actually cared, and liked Rebecca. To me honestly she’s an awful combination of Vivi, and Shirahoshi. Which really in retrospect there is no good combination of those too. Just a princess that cries too much, and really hasn’t done anything that really makes me care for her. Sure her flashback earlier in the arc was amazing, and Kyros’s flashback was phenomenal but at the end of the day it doesn’t seem Rebecca has grown that much from the flashback, and it even she didn’t grow much at all throughout the arc, and just continues to not do anything. Now honestly I’m not expecting Rebecca to be some sort of powerhouse, and I’m not expecting her to be a fighter, but I’m expecting her to have a resolve to better herself, just like the rest of the Riku family has. It makes me wonder is she going to want to live in her father’s shadow forever? I give this chapter a 5/10. It wasn’t bad, but I feel like it could have been several times better.  Doesn’t help that I want to get off of Dressrosa already.


+ Loved Abdullah and Jeet and their take over of the marines. Really great, one of the two characters I really liked.

+ Zoro’s sense of direction is always on point.

+ Even though I don’t like Rebecca, I really do like the fact that Luffy cares so much. Perfectly really well done for Luffy’s character.

+ The mystery in those marines being knocked down added some awesomeness, but I’m almost positive it was the Dwarfs. Really want to see where Law went, hopefully to talk to Sengoku.

+ Fujitora and Luffy are about to meet. Not expecting a fight because Luffy would get manhandled buy expecting an interesting chat.


  • Really don’t care for Rebecca.
  • I don’t think we really needed to waste two chapters on Kyros and Rebecca. I think this could have been fitted into one chapter. With One Piece’s pace this would have been a blessing.
  • Really wanted to see Sengarpku and Tsuru again. I enjoyed their presence so much last chapter them not being in this one was upsetting.
  • We are just wasting time of Dressrosa on this point.
  • When Fujitora tries to stop them, it’s just going to be a meteor. Mediocre

Overall it was an average at best chapter. Usually I try to find the positives in my reviews, and even though it wasn’t badly written the character of Rebecca was, so I can’t find myself to enjoy it.  Next week I predict the send off of the SH’s, and Fujitora bringing down a meteor. Maybe Law and Sengoku interaction related to Corazon.

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Nanantsu no Taizai #136- Elizabeth has no chill.

After a week of no chapter it’s refreshing to see the aftermath of Meliodas “hello” to his demon brothers. Really predictable, and much needed chapter, and I freaking loved the after math of Galan’s beat down. I love with the beat breaks an opponent mentally. Makes me wonder if Galan, get’s his power at full return if he can really muster up even, 25% of Meliodas current power.  My favorite thing about Meliodas’s personality is that he acts like he has no care in the world for anything. It really makes the humor in his character great. Overall, I rate this chapter 7/10.


+Seeing Galan breakdown over his ass-kicking was great. Really like to see what happens to his character, and if he’s going to do anything amazing again. It’s hard to believe that he gave everyone a run for their money earlier.

+ Elizabeth has absolutely zero chill. LMAO

+ Seeing the 10 Commandments together, and finally forming pairs is great. Will really like to see the match ups here, and finally we can learn more about them, because I still don’t even know their names.

+ Really curious about the blonde hair looking dude that Meliodas brother was talking to I wonder if his powers are all about destruction. Just more amplified than the other demons. I’m thinking he’s going to be the strongest.

+ The training party flipping out on Meliodas was great, I can tell already that they’re not ready to take on the Commandments. Or at least confident that they can.

+ Awesome to revisit old places we visited in the past, like to see the places and people after the Sins affected their area. Byzael rock looks awesome, glad none of them lost their fighting spirit.

+ The thing on Arthur’s head.


  • Really needed to be a chapter dedicated to the demons, so we can learn more about them. It has been about 20 chapters but we barely know anything about them.
  • I was upset that the dog didn’t eat the pig.
  • I wanted to see the training and the character interactions with it. Was really upset we didn’t see everyone’s.

Really good chapter overall, and a nice chapter to comeback too after the break.  Really digging the plot and layout of the future events of this manga, however I don’t know who this dragon thing is, or care about it, I wonder where hawk went. ( 😉 )

Anyways my prediction for next chapter is that the pairs of two that trained together go after the pairs of two demons that’s sin match up with them in some sort of way. I’m also hoping for a Ban update soon, also a search party will be out for Escanor soon I’m guessing.

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NFL article one- A punch that intercepted a career!

Worst Geno Smith

Geno Smith is now out of the NFL for 6-10 weeks because his fellow teammate Ik Enemkpali   threw an accurate punch that landed Geno’s Jaw in the red zone.  Although fighting is not as hilarious as I make it sound, the reason behind it is hilarious. Apparently the two were fighting over $600 debt that Geno owed the guy.

The hilarious after thought was because to us $ 600 is probably a lot of money for normal people like us, hell for me that’s rent, that is a whole semesters scholarship, that’s money for a round trip, or a week hotel cost. However for Geno that’s less than 1% of the amount of money that Geno makes after his rookie contract, and about 1% of the money that Geno makes per season.  So in the long run hall of things, why does Geno Smith even care about $600 dollars, or why would he have to borrow that amount of money in the first place? Seems to be more of the low cost to throw your career over.

His career isn’t going to be over you say? Let’s look at his statistics for the past two years:

25 touchdowns

31 Interceptions

5,571 yards

Highest QB rating of a 71.5 %

This guy isn’t even cutting NFL QB rating, or even throwing more TD’s than interceptions, added to the fact they just got a new coach, who has something to prove.  People will tell me that the Jet’s don’t have any QB’s that are better to replace him, but Ryan Fitzgerald has already proved that he’s had good seasons, and there is an unknown quality to their QB Bryce Petty, so it brings to the questions, was risking ones already unsolid, and unfounded career over $600 dollars really worth it? I can feel Bryce’s area in New Jersey, is coming soon.

Not to mention Geno Smith, was voted to be the worst QB for the 2014 season. Hope your Jaw heals buddy.

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Four Fantastic Reasons why Captastic Bore will not succeed

Craptastic Bore

As everyone knows the new Fantastic Four has come out, and as everyone predicted it is doing terrible in the ratings, and in box office numbers, so this week I want to tackle why the Fantastic Four did terrible in the movie theatres, by giving you Four Fantastic reasons Craptastic Bore will not do well!

Fantastic #1- The fantastic four are not 4 edgy adults. That’s simply it, they are a family in the marvel comics that help and inspire everyone to do the best they can, and they travel all over the galaxy to find new and rare species and artifacts. While having a family type unite that inspires everywhere they go. Spoiler Alert! They don’t get drunk one night, and decide that because they couldn’t go on their exploration that they’re going to do some experiments themselves to gain their powers. Every single bad thing that happened in this movie was caused by them, and they didn’t save the world because they wanted to, they saved it because they had to save their own ass.  Also what a lame excuse for Benn not to say his famous line “It’s clobbering time!”End spoiler It’s almost a slap to the face to fans to try to change so much of the characters just try to fit into some edgy teen film. That’s not who they are, and who they ever will be.

Fantastic #2- Where did the budget go for this movie? The movie doesn’t even look like a 2015 movie. In fact the effects look like something that would have seemed average in the late 2000’s.  Clearly Fox rushed the movie out so they didn’t have to give the rights back to Marvel.  Also there were barely any advertising for this movie, and honestly if it wasn’t for me being a comic book movie fan, I probably wouldn’t even know a movie was coming out for this unless I left my TV on late at night, and I happened to look up during a commercial. Freaking Dragon Ball Z Resurrection of Frieza had more promotion than this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made comparable numbers in one week. Also the Thing looks incredibly stupid, he looked much better in the 2005 version of the movie, and he look much more menacing, and plus, where’s his pants? They didn’t have a budget for pants?

Fantastic # 3- Johnny being black- Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for black superheroes in mainstream media, and I know I can’t be the only one who’s pumped for T’Challa’s appearance in the new Captain America 3 movie, and his own movie; However I don’t think making a known white hero to be a black hero is the way to go about things. Especially if it doesn’t change or affect the story in anyway. You’re basically telling fans that the only reason he’s black is because you’re trying to fill some kind of quota, if you were trying to be different and innovated by bring in a racial change why not make Sue black too, and have a interracial superhero powerhouse couple, or better yet make Reed black and have the leader of the team be a black hero, which is also different in super hero media. Super hero fans all around the world have been asking for more leading female, minority roles for superheroes, and Michael B. will not be the answer for that. If anything when 2017 comes with Black Panther that will be are winning moment.

Fantastic # 4- We all wanted this movie to fail, and were going to look for reasons why it’s bad. It’s just that simple, at this point super hero fans want all the rights to go back to Marvel, so we can have one big share collective universe. With Fox having the rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four, it won’t be happening without the two powerhouse families. While X-Men won’t be going anytime soon, the fantastic four has shown numerous times that it can’t do well on the big screen. Hell even the comics for the FF aren’t doing so hot these days, and it is ok to wish and dream for the rights for this movie to go back to Marvel. However as we all know. If we look hard enough in anything we will eventually find it.

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One Piece Chapter # 796- Sengarpku’s Intoxicated blood can save about 20 people!!

One Piece 796 pic

What more can I say about this chapter than, saying it just needed to happen. We knew eventually we were going to have to get off the island, with Fujitora somehow not capturing the SH’s but ends up keeping his Admiral position. While this chapter wasn’t bad, and had some comical grinning moments in it. It easily can’t compare to some of the other chapters we’ve been having for the past couple weeks; However even for a One Piece chapter it doesn’t even live up to the comedy, heartwarming moments we are used to. I have to honestly say Sengarpku made this chapter (Get the pun ;)) Not only is he just not taking anything seriously, he’s laughing at the decisions the Marines are making, and he’s donating his ganga toxicated blood to heal people. He makes this chapter a 6/10.


+ Everyone is up and around and we can move on to bigger things in Dress Rosa

+ Sengoku and Tsuru are fan favorites, and added a nice warmth to the series that was needed. Like two Grandparents you haven’t seen for a long time lightening the mood of a depressive household situation.

+Sengoku was on point with his laugh at the die. I think his feelings actually represent most of the One Piece fan base for the stupid reason that Fujitora never went after the Straw-Heart Alliance.

+ Bartolomeo is also on point with the comedy, seeing the SH’s shine in his eyes was hilarious, and I loved how it’s getting on their nerves. Let’s face it guys not SH material.

+ Law’s reaction to Sengoku was really needed. Especially Sengoku was in charge of Corazon’s entry into Do flamingo’s pirate crew, so it would be amazing if we even got a little interaction.

+ Is it wrong for me to say Sengoku again? He’s relaxing a lot like Garp, and acting like him a lot, which is good, because relaxed Old men in this show are the best. His new name is Sengarpku!


-THREE DAYS HAVE PASSED!!!! What about the confrontation with Kaidou and the Kidd alliance? What about Big Mom’s tea party? Sanji and company? Now listen I know Oda likes to skip around, and show us huge teases that will only bust your ever loving blue balls, but I mean come on Oda. You can’t skip important information that all fans want to see.

– Fujitora at the end with him saying he’s going to go all out. Ha! We all know he won’t because if he does there is no way for the crew to fight back, Luffy’s suddenly injured, and Law is also not in best fighting shape, and we already know Zoro can’t do anything. Fujitora is probably just going to send down a meteor and we’ll see how Zoro, and Luffy deal with one.

-The rumors got me a bit queasy because it is something we already knew, and it is something that I don’t know why we have to go over it again. Are we using it as an exception for Rebecca or Kyros to join the SH’s? I hope not, while I don’t like Rebecca, and I enjoy Kyros’s character greatly, I don’t see either of them contributing to Straw hat’s personality at all, not to mention we have so many Straw Hats that would Oda be able to focus on another one at this point?

-Bellamy’s I want to die speeches are getting annoying. No one cares about you and the intense Stockholm syndrome you have Bellamy.

While the chapter was decent as it was, I’m hoping for so much more next chapter, because at this point it could be anything, and it will probably be better than this week besides the newly add creature Sengarpku.

As for next week’s chapter (Which there will be none because Japanese Holiday) I predict a whole chapter dedicated to the escape in Dressrosa, and Luffy saying goodbye to Rebecca, while telling the world that Kyros is her father.

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Kingdom Chapter # 441- Jon Snow knows little on Chu affairs.

Kingdom 441 image.

This chapter was very politic heavy chapter which is one of my favorite things about Kingdom, is that the politics hype you up for the wars that are about to happen. This is quite the change of pace because we usually just follow Qins, or Zhao, but this time we are looking at Chu’s political problems, and Jon Snow knows how to fix it.

As you know Chu is the largest strip of land in the seven kingdoms, and has the largest army in the series, however Chu just lost their king, and they lost their prime minister. So Jon Snow here is trying to convince Karin that it is needed for her to become the new prime minister, or else Chu’s new military might will be considered “mediocre”. I rate this chapter a 7/10, a rating of a good.


+ The new dude looks like Jon Snow

+ Ogliko appearing is amazing, because it means Kanki will be involved in this arc.

+With Kanki being in this arc you know someone will be Kankied.

+Nice to see Shin, and Kyoukai training with one another.

+ It’s nice to know about the political background of a new territory.

+Qin vs. Zhao is very appealing.


  • I honestly wanted to see Karin accept the position because I want to see her reasoning behind it, and we didn’t get to see why.
  • While Zhao vs. Qin is always interesting, We already had a war with them while Chu we never had a war with (Not counting the Coalition arc because that was war with all of them)
  • I really wanted more information of the recently passed king’s brother, and see how he treats his people, the message we got was pretty grimacing.

As of now I really did enjoy the chapter, and this arc is starting to shape up to be amazing,  I’m starting to see a trend where the nations are putting their military generals in Prime Minister positions to show the world that they will use force if diplomatic situations don’t straighten out. This is the warring state period.

Preview for the next chapter- Probably Riboku’s thoughts on the whole situation, and we get to see the military leader that’s leading the Zhao army (Probably that one of the 3, but an upstart) I also think we will see what Kanki’s message was. Hopefully soon I want to see a conversation with Kanki, and Shin. Something we haven’t seen before.

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